Making a self watering container or Earthbox™. A self watering container is a container that has a water reservoir built in. This reservoir waters the plants. I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! These boxes are easy to make and you will save tons of money, not to mention having the best bounty of.

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Build your own EarthBox

diiy Another site mentioned concerns about using PVC piping. As for the staking issue, I got some babybed rails from the dump, turned them on end, added T legs to the bottoms and set them across the tubs in the middle. Here are the basic elements of the EarthBox: I let the tomatoes go up both sides…. Just click on the link.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself | Winterwheat

I got all the specs for the earthboxes from my mother who has several, but Siy wanted a more economical way of making them since they are a little pricey for me. About two feet of 1″ pipe and 6 pieces 6″ long of ” pipe.


Nice to know about the soda bottle, Mike! We used an old chair mat cut to size with holes drilled in it.

Last year my eyes were on the Earthbox. This is a great way to plant your fall garden.

However, for the me the positives of the DIY version outweigh the negatives: Earhhbox Ramsey November 4, at 5: And you are right, it does fill from the bottom up. I am a Mastr gardner and certified Nurseryman and I love that u have made gardening accessable to all.

Please come back again as I am always looking to create new and delicious recipes and playing with Photography and of course my garden. I line them with landscape fabric to keep soil out of resevoir. I myself think plastics are easy but do we need the health concern? I live in Arizona and we have to water often and in some climates yo will water less.

Need to know how to receive your blog in my email? I have a passion for cooking and creating new recipes as I have an allergy to eggs and sometimes have to be creative.


What box earthhox you use to plant them? This is a great idea for a low cost plant pot but what is the life expectancy of the plastic container?

Thanks so much for such a lovely, detailed post. Only use roughneck containers as others do not work as well. I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! Thanks for earhhbox update; you totally made my day. Michelle August 20, at 3: Everybody is talking about how harmful they are and how everybody is contaminated with the stuff.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself

Click here to cancel reply. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work! I hope this helps! I have looked everywhere and cant find them. This looks and sounds like an exciting way to grow! I had enough containers in storage to setup all my tomatoes and peppers, also made a few for friends.