Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age [Paul A. LaViolette Ph.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An investigation of the. In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette investigates the connection between ancient world catastrophe myths and modern scientific evidence of a galactic. Earth Under Fire has 51 ratings and 5 reviews. David said: Astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette holds a few basic premises which are thoroughly detailed in.

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These ubiquitous legends are so extreme that they are often dismissed as imaginative exaggerations. Earth Under Fire An investigation of the connection between ancient world catastrophe myths and modern scientific evidence of a galactic destruction cycle. You provide, finally, a logical and provable cause for the periodic destructions spoken of throughout ancient legends, and create a believable scenario of advanced prior civilizations.

Nevertheless it contains a huge quantity of information that will benefit anyone doing research in the subject of catastrophism, or the destruction of ancient civilizations. I’m aiming to dig deep into this subject and will happily read more books by the same author as I valued how all the dots were connected together making a lot of sense!!! This is a book that both fascinates and frightens. Such explosions, he argues, occur in all galaxies sometimes releasing such vast amounts of energy that the ensuring outbursts of light are brighter than the galaxies themselves and are seen by us as quasars.

His thinking is complex and I cannot state whether he is right or not in his interpretation. If true, one of the most important books ever.


Jul 27, Season Henderson rated it it was amazing. Oh, a super book! Sonia rated it really liked it Oct 07, Back to Stargate Portal Sphinx Stargate: Refresh and try again. He also explores ancient documents and structures as well as past catastrophes to get a grasp of cosmic cycles. The amateur [non-scientist] will want to follow up and read the sources referenced in his notes.

When the combination of an electromagnetic pulse, a gravity wave, radiation, and dust enter a star system, the effects on stars and planets are intense. Based on four years of doctoral research and 10 years of postdoctoral jnder. Not an easy read but well worth the effort. It even has information relevant to the future. This barrage caused the solar system to become enveloped in a dense nebula, which led to periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, severe solar storms, searing heat, and mountainous floods that plagued mankind for many generations.

To learn of the possible Galactic cause of the Malaysian tsunami, click here. We are led to understand the intelligence and ingenuity of a people who, while faced with extinction, found the means to communicate over the millennia to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed their race could occur again.

Bob Girard, Arcturus Books Oh, a super book! Nexus Magazine The Earth has undergone many cataclysms in its history, but human civilisation has been around long enough to witness only a few of these. He has published many original books and papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. Rob Seimetz rated it liked it Dec 10, Thank you for your wonderfully-written and thoroughly enlightening, Earth Under Fire.


Tim rated it really liked it Jan 15, Laurie Ralph rated it it was ok Jun 14, This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. No trivia or quizzes yet. It demonstrates how ancient myths and lores have preserved an accurate record of a missing era in human history, knowledge of which may be crucial for our own future survival.

Earth Under Fire (Book)

For more information on donating click here. The ice age itself may have been caused by a larger cosmic dust cloud. This book is a detailed read, but well worth it. Here I report some preliminary results, as research is still ongoing. We need more people who choose to question the status quo instead of blinding believing what is set before them by the educational and religious community. uncer

It is a welcome complement to other landmark studies such as G. Fantastic Read Really well researched and interpreted book.

Earth Under Fire (Book) – The Sphinx Stargate

Learn how your comment data is processed. LaViolette informed Congress about the phenomenon as early as ; laviollette letter from Senator Packwood to the National Science Foundation.

Open Preview See a Problem? This swift catastrophic melting resulted from surges of intense heat triggered in the Sun by the [invading dust]. But what if some of these records point to a common cause of a cyclical nature? Apr 18, David Montaigne rated it it was amazing.