RZNC make DSP as the core control system,High-speed processing operation sports concluding continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation. Diagram. RZNC Connection Board. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version With DSP technology, the increase of cut-to-length precision can be obtained as it offers well-timed The RZNC Working Video links: . Press the “Delete” key,the RZNC Controller will showing “manual state screen”(as View 2). View 2.

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Choose file U Disk flile list Inner file list View Cho os e U disk file l is t, p ress to get in, it display all files inthe U diskmove the curs or to the down loa ded upda te fi le, p ress to s ta rt, the upda te f ile info appea rs on the s creen, the us er mus t move the curs o r and rea d a ll inf o, then repres s opera te next, the screen dis pla ys a s f oll owing: Dp mode is suitable to adjust position of machine tool.

Directly read files from U Dear All, I found a post which I have quoted below, is looking like the same I need to share with you all. Also the DSP controller Manual can be sent for free here, welcome to contact us. Originally Posted by vijayv. The screen and the red LED light up, but no matter what I do the screen is always blank no text, no logo, nothing. Reliable data protection and recover function; 9.

Its speed is determined by current speed mode.

Download – RZNC,RICHNC,RichAuto-Beijing Richnc Technology Co.,LTD

Controller adopts panel and U Disk to get files, which makes it is easy to control. Win or XP 2. Beca us e there a re ma ny s pecia l code da ta. I installed the driver and then the program, but when I opened the program I found all the menus and options were in Chinese! Auto Pro Setuprea dLinear Accl: Could anyone send me the English version of the Signtek program? If you had right to dothe DSP screen will show you this: Last edited by nacyro; at Pres s toto go to first line whileq u i t v i e w.


Dfunctionp rocessneedscompoundIts o pera ting mode goes like this: And it is not getting restarted and because of this, we couldn’t proceed with the cutting. I tell you about. P r e s s the s creen shows: Then the cursormoves to the next line till goes back the former menu.

RZNC DSP Operating Manual

Easily process G code or PLT Machine setup menu- -Pulse equivalence: Sometimes we call it file process. It will goes back formermenu after the file being deleted. And many system function applications rely on this operating, such as: Published on Nov View 2.

If it needs to modify, you should enter the menu and set them. Stop position is Machinery coordinate position and has nothing to do with working coordinate. Pres s to save change andto cancel the setting and goback former menu. Each, the spindle onthepresss pindle s peed drops a gra d till F1. Support to process part of the file; 8. The software and the firmware for you dsp model need to be on a cd you got when you buy the dsp or the router.

RZNC-0501 DSP Operating Manual

If it needs to continue to process from the Stop Point1, press compound buttons: If you ha ve us ed this functi on, you need not to press t o c l e a r. If it needs to change the value, input the va lue di rectly mxnual nd press to save. Please help me in this regard. Down arrow symbol means it is high vol ta ge, whi le up arrow s ymbol mea ns it is l ow volta ge. System Auto Update if it needs to update the system, user should download the update file from our website to U disk. Re p r e s s to save the change and it togoes ba ck the f ormer menu.


Andinput theending linen u m mwnual e r i n c u r s o r. When it finis hes a ll cha ngesp res sconfirm, the system begins to check the G code data.

P r e s sorto cha nge its property, a nd pressandbuttons to move the curs o r to next line, pres s cha nges. Dsp a11 handle controller operating manual rico cnc Technology. Input S elf Ch eck re fers to the sys tem check s Input termina ls p ropert ies.

In mabual I bought this machine not for Router, but for Plasma cutting with only change in the plasma head instead of router. U disk file refers to files sa ved in U disk. Their functions are as following: Tags for this Thread faritsnonnotthen.

Normally there are 3 sensors in an engraving machine. Comes with USB communications mznual, file transfer efficiency can be directly read U disk, card reader file, Plug and Play.