Living in the Heart. How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart. With two chapters on the relationship between the heart and the Mer-Ka-Ba. Drunvalo. Title: Drunvalo Melchizedek – Living in the Heart, Author: Eric, Name: Drunvalo Melchizedek – Living in the Heart, Length: pages, Page: , Published. Living in the Heart. How to Enter into the Sacred. Space within the Heart. With two chapters on the Drunvalo Melchizedek. All rights reserved. No part of .

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And who can say which one is right? Drunvalo Melchizedek, known for his books and teachings on The Flower of Life, sacred geometry and the merkaba fields around the human body, says his new work takes the guesswork out of our world of polarities by allowing us to create within a field of absolute harmony.

This new work is about the human heart and a sacred space inside of the heart. What follows is an interview with Drunvalo on Living in the Heart and how it relates the world we live in today.

Does accessing that space within the human heart require knowledge of your earlier work with the merkaba? People have found that space all over the world with many, many different meditation techniques and disciplines, and so there are lots of ways to find it, to get there. It was the Kogi, a tribe living high up in the mountains of Colombia, who gave me the direct experience.

It first began with the Ahoriginals in Australia. And then there were many other tribes around the world that showed me a little bit more, a little bit more, until finally the Kogis just gave me direct experience.

And at that point, I understood. Whereas the mind is polarized, it has a left and a right side and sees everything as polarized, as either good or bad or neutral, and where everything in the mind is based on thoughts and logic, this is not.

This is pure feminine energy. Everything is whole, complete and perfect as it is. We have no idea of that in the Western world. I mean, we have absolutely no idea how powerful and what this is. But, the dreamtime is so incredible — if you want to call it the dreamtime. This is literally a space in the heart. Then, inside of that space is another space. That space and they all agree on this — is older than creation itself.

I was sitting in Mexico when I was learning this from the Kogi and they made this sound and put me into my heart. Instantaneously, I was in Colombia standing with a group of old men in white robes.

I was actually there, physically, really sitting there — and it was pretty mind-blowing! Then they would come up to me and make another sound and bam! I would be somewhere else, but somewhere just as real as this reality. No difference at all. The past, present and future are spherical in dreamtime. The polarized mind sees time as past, present, future. It sees it spherically. What one experiences can he passed directly to anyone else.

Further, when two people are in that space consciously, no matter where they are in the universe or anywhere on the planet, they can trade bodies. Switching hack seems to happen automatically. So you were put into this space with a sound initially? This sound is an experience the Kogi call a language that has no words. In other words, the sounds come out of the body and they produce images inside the spirit of the person. But, that same exact sound said a moment later will produce an entirely different image.


But, it goes back to the Bible, where in there it says that before the Tower of Babel there was one language and that one language the whole world knew and that that language allowed all people to speak to each other and even animals. Remember, it said that in there that they could talk to animals.

But, science has never found that language. In fact, you know it intimately right now, only at the moment you just have it blocked. But, everybody knows this language. This language appears to be coming back now, and in that return, as I see it, it would break of the spell of Babylon, of the separation of people by different languages. Eventually, we are going to remember the one language.

It allows us to communicate with each other, not only with animals, but bacteria and trees and everything, because from the dreamtime place everything is alive: The interesting thing about it is that there is a direct connection from within the heart to the outer world. Almost inevitably, people will discover that the stars are inside of their heart. I have just written a book on this — Living in the Heart: Right after I finished this, somebody sent me a little quote from the Upanishads that I had never read.

When I read that quote, I could hardly believe it.

What does it contain that one should desire to know? The same world can be viewed hexrt seen and sensed by going within your heart as it can by going within your mind. The creating instrument is the mind, which is polarized.

So you will create a world that is partly is war and partly in peace. You always will create it because the instrument itself is polarized. This will create what the intention is, but without the dark side. Light in the heart has an interesting phenomenon. When you look at this world from here, now, light has shadows because light comes from a source.

And it does the same thing when you create form there. We need to begin to live and create within our hearts rather than live and create from our minds.

Living in the Heart: An interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek | The Edge Magazine

In your workshop, do you offer people a key to remembering this? Most of them will not be able to experience it in that short of time. It takes more like about three to four days of training, so this is just an introduction. There will be some people who will come out of there with their lives changed, and others will walk out of there not understanding what it was about at all. We have a three-day Living in the Heart workshop [ see listings at Drunvalo. One of the reasons is because people have had emotional disturbances and traumas in their life.


If you have had these, especially ones around love, divorce, especially the children, you can find the heart space, but you go in there and it awakens that pain. You feel it and then just jump back out: In doing that, I can get nearly percent of people into that heart space.

The demand is very high.

It has been from the beginning. You would never dream from that space of ever doing anything that would do harm. In fact, I want them to. Yes, almost all of them. We teach you how to get back there very quickly. Hrart can use that vibration to find the space very quickly. The Kogi can talk using their drunavlo language in normal ways or, in a matter of two or three seconds, they can switch and go into the heart and begin to communicate in another way totally. Do you think this process will be a centerpiece of our collective shift, like into the fifth dimension.

It sounds like it would be.

We could solve all the problems. We just dream a new dream.

Living in the Heart: How to Enter Into the Sacred Space Within the Heart [With CD]

That would be nice. It is supposed to be in control of the mind. It got inverted over the other way when we fell out of emlchizedek. As you can see, our world is dying. Well, there are conspiracy theories and livibg are lots of them, such as the stuff David Icke has said. These things are real, but so what? I was just in the Yucatan with Hunhatz Men a shaman and elder and the Mayans doing ceremony there for two, two and a half weeks.

They talked about this war.

I sat down and spoke personally with Hunhatz Men about it, and he said what the Mayan calendar predicts is that the war with Saddam was inevitable. He said it absolutely was going to happen, hut how long it would last depended on when it started. If it started after April 1, between then and November, it would become the biggest third world war and most of the world would be destroyed.

Living in the Heart: An interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek

What day did it start? Those kids are going into their heart space. From within your heart, you can know anything. Absolutely anything at all. You could know the most complicated drunvvalo problem and instantaneously come-up with a perfect answer without ever knowing how you liviing there. These kids are being given calculus problems that takes computers 15 or 20 minutes to figure out and the kids just write the answer out immediately.

When you go into hdart little space in the heart, whatever question you ask or whatever you want to know just appears. They never, ever make an error. They can look at you or even a picture of you and tell you everything your name, address, phone numher, Social Security number, date of birth, and date of death also.