Drives headphones directly; Variable output drives powered speakers or a power amplifier; Fixed output feeds preamp or AV receiver; Accepts music files up to. Buy AudioQuest – DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier: Amps – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. : Audioquest DragonFly USB DAC Preamp Headphone Amp Version Home Audio & Theater.

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It offers up to DSD 5. Cons – None at this price point.

When the original DragonFly flew into our testing rooms back init was a breath of fresh air. If you want to take things back to basics and are wondering whether a DAC such as this will make a difference to your daily dose of Spotify, allow us to confirm that it will. For Auxioquest, solid and subtle sound As convenient as ever Smartphone compatible.

This unlocks their true potential.

What Hi-Fi?

Rated 5 out of 5 by Karteek from Great product to amplify your audio listening experience Hook this to your beautiful headset and witness dagonfly magic. Would you recommend AudioQuest to a friend? Do you already have an account? The M50x has a very refined driver inside that “scales” with better equipment.

DragonFly · DACs · AudioQuest

I was expecting the same performance of the HD but it’s not happening. I got a headache before I noticed any deviation in performance or sound quality.


With DragonFly Black and Red, any computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone can be used as a true high-fidelity music player, allowing music lovers to enjoy beautiful sound wherever they go, whenever they please.

In addition, Red’s high 2.

The Black retains that limitation — but then it is exceptionally affordable. I haven’t compared it that much to my HA-2 yet, but the HA-2 feels like it is slightly more of everything, but not by much.


Your background elements such as reverbs, room mics, etc, sound not just distant, but realistic. The problem is that the twice-as-pricey Red is similarly restricted. After some time and ear training, the difference was clear, the ALPEN was more warmer and a bit more open sounding, but again, not a night and day difference.

Of course to unlock the full potential a tube amp is recommended.

I like the small size and versatility of the RED and I like the price. Our hope is that with DragonFly Black, DragonFly Red, and audioqueat AudioQuest digital products, more people than ever before can enjoy beautiful music—wherever they go, whenever they please. All this while downloadable music is still available to buy from places like Bandcamp at any quality level you want, BTW or Google Play Music MP3where you get the files on your disk and then copy them wherever you need to copy them and play them back with whatever you want.


Keep making great product Aidioqiest and Bhphotovideo ships blazing fast and incredible customer service.

Audioquest DragonFly Red review | What Hi-Fi?

I can’t tell you that it is worth almost bucks, that’s your call, but I don’t regret the purchase. It will push the dynamics of the audioqest with no trouble. The Red color is made of a glossy-shiny paint.

I could best describe the experience as this is how music is meant to be delivered. The Power Output is set at 2,1 Volt, very good value for a tiny device like this, considering It will drain just 35 ma of power. Be the first to review this item. Shy of a bit of heating up less than the iPhone itself this thing does not disappoint. Again the sound quality was exceptional, better than my CD player.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Ian from You’ve not heard audio properly, until now. A little about my setup: The maximum volume is still high and sound is very refined.