The draftwatermark package implements a few simple commands for adding watermarks to LaTeX documentclass options illustrated Abstract. The draftwatermark package extends LATEX providing a means to add a textual. (usually light gray, but possibly colored) watermark. To do this use the package draftwatermark in the LaTeX document from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage.

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Here’s a minimal example of how it works: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. But can anyone suggest how to change the font? Do you know of an environment e.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Just ask if you need help with the code. Font size default 5cm max: Hi, How could I make the draft note start from,say, page 3 or show only at odd pages or some specific pages?

backgrounds – scrbook and draftwatermark – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

I mean either to timesroman or lucidetc. Well, Here is my source code for water. While collaborating on or sharing an unfinished PDF document produced lwtex LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage. If you need anything more sophisticated than drafcopy, you will have to do something in the line of what I described here. From your question, I understand that you want to put a watermark and that water mark is an image.


By default, the watermark is added to all pages.

draftcopy – Identify draft copies

But it is not possible to make it bigger. Here is some sample code to play with: Hope to see more innovative codes in the future!!! See here for more details. The abstract of the xwatermark documentation: Count how many you opening and closing brackets. How can I add a image watermark?. February at Hi LN, Thanks for your question.

Posted by Filox at 4: Moved here by Tom. However, some things are missing from the package. Thanks for the helpful post. Post as a guest Name.

Published May 5, October 14, You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, it goes below all of my floats… Like Like.

How to add draft watermark in LaTeX – Code Yarns ????‍????

Note latrx running pdflatex on this example will NOT insert the watermark. The text can be rotated to another angel using: To do this use the package draftwatermark in the LaTeX document preamble: Changing the font size is decreased as follows: To insert on only the first page use:. Thanks for your rapid answer. For my first post this year, I’ll start off with something a bit different.


The first one is fairly simple, just include the package draftcopy and voila. Tagged draft latex watermark.

The following 5 properties of a watermark can be modified through commands defined by the package.