Point Omega has ratings and reviews. David said: Yes, for sure, in this slender little volume (especially in the first half), you’ll find Don D. Point Omega: A Novel [Don DeLillo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A brief, unnerving, and exceptionally hard-hitting novel about time. Don DeLillo’s spectacular career seemed to have reached some kind of omega zone almost 20 years ago. After the red-hot streak of “The.

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DeLillo’s books have come to seem lopsided, top-heavy: This is a terrible, terrible book: This flirtation with DeLillo is leading nowhere.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo

Despite the aforementioned problems. Only Jerry Lewis appears in the film; only Elster will appear in the film Jim proposes to him. War conceptualizers, wannabe filmmakers, intellectuals. Instead, I believe Point Omega is a book most appropriately called a ‘filler. And Elster’s daughter also makes an appearance. Check out just a few examples from Point Omega: Works by Don DeLillo.

But we were devising entities beyond the agreed-upon limits of recognition and interpretation. He teaches narrative theory and practice at the University of Utah.

Point Omega by Don DeLillo: review

This is a book that is as hypnotic, if sometimes baffling, as watching the hyper-slow Psycho. Thank God for that, one may think after reading through so much where nothing much has happened, even when that something that happens is dangerously close to being a nonevent. His 16th novel is his most focused yet, a pared, intense anti-parable that begins in a New York art gallery.

But there are other ways of understanding a character than overt disclosure, and what DeLillo offers in its place provides its own kind of illumination.


Point Omega by Don DeLillo | Book review | Books | The Guardian

I was intrigued by the dustcover description of the protagonist, Elster, “a ‘defense intellectual’ involved in the management of the country’s war machine They speak as if Derrida were the screenwriter for the movie-adaptation of their life, which they were important enough to have scored the starring role in. And this would have been a bargain for the author, as come to think of it, I wouldn’t do it for twice the money. Maybe it is time for Delillo to write more plays or try his hand at essays.

He crafts some beauties about the unknowability of knowability and the limits of human knowledge, time, space, heat, light, and death– epic sentences.

They asked Elster to conceptualize their efforts – to form an intellectual framework for their troop deployments, counterinsurgency, orders for rendition. The book announces, in effect, that the author has had an idea that needs for some reason to be put as a novel — but employing fiction in such a spare way that it is only the novel’s freedom of invention and narrative that matter.

DeLillo seldom explored in much depth as a younger writer. Do book does sometimes behave like a longer, richer, less conceptually-driven novel, especially in the few passages when DeLillo takes time to describe people or places other than the video screening room or dflillo desert.

It’s a pair the narrator spots in the gallery, and wrongly assumes to be a film professor and student, who turn out to be the protagonists. Additionally, a girl arrives, she stays dln, then disappears. Since I was obviously an intellectual ingrate who doesn’t know what culture process means, he let me know that a bibliography is a list of books. Elster’s Russian ex-wife makes an appearance via phone conversations, and Delillo gets her accent and stilted grammar pitch-perfect.

DeLillo’s 24-Hour Psycho: Point Omega by Don DeLillo

It is the kind of book that begs to be underlined and have marginalia added to it. What I wanted was a set of ideas linked to transient things. Anderson further remarks on the novel’s style: He’s been very consistent with this publication interval since In a sense, both Finley and Elster are artists.


The set-up seems to promise a Bellovian portrait of the hyper-educated theoretician sullied eelillo his brush with power. The three of them talk, train their binoculars on the landscape, and build an odd, tender intimacy, something like a family. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

The signs are there: Nov 16, Mahmood rated it liked it.

I imagine this man speaking normally like the characters, especially the aging intellectual Elster, in Point Omega. Even though Campbell Scott has a nice voice, I probably should have read this book instead of listening to dellllo in my car. Praticamente vuoto Un gelido esercizio intellettuale. If showing a well-known film really I was going to insert here something mean like Point Omega reminds me of “Out, out brief candle!

I think DeLillo is just screwing with us. Towards the poinf of Audio book experiment failed.

Elster, a defense intellectual, poinf for his mean liberal arts skills, is one such man Fuck, if that’s what it takes, the DOJ should give me a job.

Further praise came from the literary review Kirkus Reviewswith its reviewer declaring the novel to be “an icy, disturbing and masterfully composed study of guilt, loss and regret – quite possibly the author’s finest yet.

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