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Or, this shows unmistakably that – if the notion of communion is also an expression of Christianity’s religious identity – then the notion of schism denotes an estrangement from God.

Orthodox Dogmatic Theology Vol 1: Dumitru Staniloae: T&T Clark

For what is different from being does not exist, so that it necessarily follows, according to the argument of Parmenides, that all things that are are one and this is being. It was in these great universities that the seeds of the Renaissance were planted, and it was also here that, gradually and continuously, Western culture was moulded – a culture whose pragmatic-rationalistic creativity is in accordance with the typologies described by Ioan Biris.

Furthermore, Eastern culture has always had an atemporal dimension, and – as Traian Herseni puts it – rural Romania represented “a belated ethnographic society” untill the end of the 19 th century.

Hence, we cannot derive logically the conclusion that Orthodoxy and Catholicism can be described by contradictory terms. In Anselmus’ words, “Teach me how to search for You and reveal Yourself to the searcher: Conjoined ecclesiastic and political decisions – which imposed the schism and hence a relation of contradiction between the West and the East – presupposed a series of ingredients of political, economic, social, cultural and, obviously, doctrinal nature.

In parallel, history has placed its mark upon the cultural, political, economic, etc. Furthermore, the West accepted the autonomy of sciences by creating the ” seven liberal arts ” – an unacceptable concept saniloae the Orthodox world, where logic was considered a mere organonand philosophy, an ancilla theologiae. But since our dogmatoca cannot conceive what God is, it remains unknown to us in what concerns us quand nos “.

However though, not all the theologians of those times accepted a natural relationship between faith and reason.

The two Christian worlds – Orthodox and Catholic – can only be described by using equivalent propositions. Methodologically, what is required is that “the mind should be challenged when contemplating God” the title of the first chapter ; but this methodology must doymatica in close touch with prayer, so that it should simultaneously open a way towards God, and uplift man through prayer and through the rational search for God.


Based on this privileged form of manifestation, the rationalist spirit developed into the very foundation of the growth of European culture. In order to transcend multiplicity – e. Besides, in the 9 th century, his work was translated sganiloae Latin by John Scotus Erigena, a good logician of the times.

For example, we can write, 1 All those who are Christian recognise Apostle Peter as the stepping stone on which Christ built His Church, the first Pope of the Church of the entire world as such; consequently, all Popes have an apostolic legitimacy. It is rational to believe in God. Reciprocally, q enjoys the same logical status.

Therefore, it is our own duty to take action, just as it was the West’s duty at Yalta to show no mercy for our decades of aimless wanderings along an unconfirmed path of history. MaP MaS SaP Although John of Damascus considers logic a mere “organon” unlike Western philosophers, who viewed it as one of the seven liberal artsdogmatixa status was contested fogmatica after the great schism. If we now consider the history of culture and civilisation as the framework in cogmatica faith and religious ideas play a central role for the human being, then Christianity founded upon the Holy Scripture and the Holy Traditions can be considered the founder of two possible worlds, i.

The Christian writer of the East whose work had, perhaps, the greatest influence upon scholastic logic, was John of Damascus.

Books by Dumitru Stăniloae

Thus, it becomes obvious that good cannot be the result of an incidental individual act, of a generous feeling or of pity; it can only come as a correlative of duty.

Obviously, this existential division comes from Plato and – we must point out – was also taken up by Christianity, i. Admittedly, learning and “the knowledge inherent in dtaniloae can contribute to clarifying the Scripture”, but this does not represent a sufficient condition; the undertaking becomes possible “only if we have the only available key to the Scripture, the gift of sraniloae Holy Ghost”. Among the main consequences detectable to this day are the varied cultural moulds that exist in the Christian world, as well as the scientific and civilizational lagging behind of the Orthodox East.

Or, this can rogmatica viewed as an adaptation to Christianity of Aristotle’s definition of primary philosophy as theology Metaphysics – I, A, 2, b dogmtaica a. Therefore, the differences between the Christian West and the Christian East have neither logical nor theological consistency, but have been artificially generated by political, economic, and cultural elements.


Eroare – Universitatea „Aurel Vlaicu” din Arad

Dumitru Staniloaie’s words are unequivocal: The apparent departure is not due to the number of centuries that separate us from the period that precedes the schism, but to the sustained efforts of doctrinarian purging invested especially after the schism. The study attempts to survey the way in which the rationalist spirit especially Aristotle’s philosophy was assimilated by Christian thinking in the patristic and scholastic periods.

In Summa Contra Gentiles he writes that we have to make “a distinction between what is known in itself simply simpliciter and in what concerns us quand nos. I have in mind Ion Petrovici’s commentary on Kant’s practical philosophy, where he puts in balance the so-called and the authentic moral acts. If we restrict our consideration to Orthodoxy and Catholicism exclusively, then the two factual conditions are the objective elements of a cognitive proposition that can be symbolised as p and q.

There are some exceptions, i. During the first Christian centuries the situation was different. His questions concern the One per se and the Being per se: After the revolution in DecemberRomanians had the conviction that the West embodies the charitable Samaritan who comes to the aid of the history-forsaken East.

If in the West theory was viewed as contemplation and as method for conceptual construction, in the East the emphasis was laid exclusively on contemplation and revelation. Angels “apprehend the truth of things directly and without resorting to reasoning”; conversely, humans get to know the intelligible truth only by reasoning.

In other words, science embraces as object of study something that transcends the multiplicity of things. Or, Gregory Palama asserts plainly in the dispute staniloas need for a mystical experience of God, for particular sciences are inefficient. Aristotle and the Western Culture The idea of theology as science of the divine dogmatifa held at high esteem by Western Christianity, especially in the scholastic period, but also later on.

Thus, for example, Monologion is conceived as a model of meditation on certain truths of faith, just as the subsequent Proslogion – based on unum argumentumor the ontological argumentation.