Preferred Citation: Dodds, Eric R. The Greeks and the Irrational. Berkeley: University of California Press, c!, printing : The Greeks and the Irrational (Sather Classical Lectures) ( ): Eric R. Dodds: Books. E. R. DODDS. The Greeks and the Irrational. Berkeley and Los. Angeles, University of California Press, Pp. ix + $ (Sather Classical Lectures.

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To such a question we cannot hope to find any single, simple answer.

On what Plato meant by “telestic” or Some very very interesting tidbits, but the casual reader beware: I enjoyed it a lot and really learned a lot about the superstitious ways of the Greeks from the ‘s through the ‘s BCE, mostly. But it is something much more spontaneous and instinctive than what we call “resolution”; animals can have it, [ and it is used by analogy to describe the devouring energy of fire.

Ate still stands for irrational as distinct from rationally purposive behaviour: This book was a surprise.

The Greeks and the Irrational

Not too long ago I developed the urge to revisit some of the ancient history I studied in college. At the end of each chapter e.

Trivia About The Greeks hreeks th Yet these stable characters are not more exempt than others from psychic intervention. The Pythia became entheos, plena deo: In the light of these passages it seems fairly safe to say that the supernatural origin of mental disease was a commonplace of popular thought in Homer’s greekz, and probably long before, though the epic poets had no particular interest in it and did not choose to commit themselves to its correctness; and one may add that it has remained a commonplace of popular thought in Greece down to our own day.

Anyone familiar with the history of modern spiritualism will realise what an amazing amount of virtual cheating can be done in perfectly good faith by convinced believers. To some men he gives a mixed assortment, to others, unmixed evil, so that they wander yhe over the face of the earth, “unregarded by gods or men.


The Greeks and the irrational

But Greece had neither a Bible nor a Church ; [ that is why Apollo, vicar on earth of the heavenly Father, [74] came to fill the gap. For it meant that the weight of religious feeling and religious law was thrown against the emergence of a true view of the individual as a person, with personal rights and personal responsibilities.

Page 1 – Individuality is founded in feeling; and the recesses of feeling, the darker, blinder strata of character, are the only places in the world in which we catch real fact in the making, and directly perceive how events happen, and how work is actually done.

And the belief, once accepted, naturally created fresh evidence in its own support by the operation of autosuggestion. The Greeks and the Irrational.

But the passage does not stand alone. From this standpoint he proceeds grerks justify many of the traditional interpretations by a series of more or less fanciful analogies between the external world And the human body, macrocosm and microcosm. If you looked beyond that limit, you could say one or both of two things: The son gave the father the same unquestioning obedience which in due course he would receive from his own children.

It is much the same with the idea of divine phthonos or jealousy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Greeks and the irrational

Nevertheless, a real difference of religious outlook separates Homer’s world even from that of Sophocles, who has been docds the most Homeric of poets. But the concept of the culture-pattern dream or vision may perhaps bring us a little nearer to understanding the genesis of such documents as the Epidaurian Record. Evidently this is especially likely to happen when the acts in question are such as to cause acute shame to their author.


Rose – – The Classical Review 3 Often he seems to be no more than a man’s “luck” or fortune, The gods of the Iliad are primarily concerned with their own honour To speak lightly of a god, to neglect his cult, to maltreat his priest, all these understandably make him angry; in a shame-culture gods, like men, are quick to resent a slight.

The Greeks and the Irrational – Eric Robertson Dodds – Google Books

It is likely that these were commoner in former times than they are to-day, since they seem to be relatively frequent among primitives; and even with us they are less rare than is often supposed.

In the early Greek world, motive was not considered a factor in judgement or in regard one took to one’s actions. Ever since Rohde called it “a drop of alien blood in the veins of the Greeks, ” [28] scholars have been scanning the horizon for the source of the alien drop. These gods are a delightful, gay invention of poets. And, more important, he was able to relieve them by undergoing a cathartic ritual.

We have two lists of the Powers whom popular thought in the later fifth century associated with mental or psycho-physical disturbances, and it is significant that Dionysus does not figure in either. To a different type belong the daemons projected by a particular human situation.