First published in , Do or Die served the Corps through two world wars, training America’s elite soldiers and special agents in the art of. Do Or Die: A Supplementary Manual on Individual Combat [A.J. Drexel-Biddle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The timeless techniques. Results 1 – 30 of 56 Do or Die by Biddle, Drexel and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles Do or Die: A Supplementary Manual: A. J. Biddle.

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The New York Times. Most of them worked a.j.bidcle bare ht. In practice, the three sets of movements can he consecutively taken: If right fails to land, go into this position.

You are never defenseless. Biddle wrestled bis opponent to the ground but the Jap judges called the match a draw. Unarmed man stops thrust with left forearm.

As lie hurls this punch, he puts the entire weight of his body back of it by straightening both knees which he had bent to add the weight of his body a.j.biedle the blow. This d defense is prescribed by Major William J. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The writer owes an especial debt of gratitude to the world- famous all-around athlete, the late Colonel C. He showed me a lot of holds and movements, his enthusiasm 12 mounting. Corbett, as it has since been of almost all die world’s most expert boxers.

Full text of “Do or Die () A J Biddle”

The enemy will invariably pull die trigger, rie is rarely successful in shooting the victim. Whether held with the left hand or die right hand the blade should be held outward so that in either case the forefinger of the blade-holding hand press- es against the button at the bayonet handle. He boxed with Ruby Robert enough times to learn it. The assailant s eyes are an easy mark.


Self-preservation remains the great law of Nature. A edition also exists with more information added. When time does not permit the attachment of the bayonet to the rifle, or when the bayonet is worn in the belt and no rifle is carriedit is prescribed to use the bayonet as a disarming weapon against die armed adversary.

In the Arm Thrust or Belt Hold the assailant or unruly offender is grasped quickly with the a.j.blddle hand under the front of the belt or die upper front of the trousers, while the heel of the right hand at the same time is instantly pressed upwards against the op- ponents chin see Figure Being of inventive genius, Colonels Masters and Keiigla devised several excellent new forms of aLtack and de- fense.

Not only did he prove with Ms newly found blade to be the greatest knife fighter of his lime, but it is related that when be was ill in bed he was attacked by some nine Mexican soldiers, who stole in upon him to take his life with tomahawks and knives.

The Fitzsimmons side-step is the best, hut it also is unknown among the boxers today. New methods of attack will require that the infantryman be a skirmisher, marksman, athlete and fighter par excellence. And immediately following his left hand grab, the defense steps in with left foot advance. A February match with Philadelphia Jack O’Brien was attended by society leaders including women in fie evening gowns.

The best of dl knife fighters are recorded to have been Gauls, who had been made slaves, as the gladiators w r ere in ancient Rome. A Staccato thrust is made on a left step and thrust to right of body. Ketchell gained his masterful hitting power by shifting the foot with each punch, but lie did not carry his shifts through as herein described because of his incomplete knowledge of the Fitzsimmons method.


Here s how it was worked, and Colonel Biddle should know.

Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle Sr. – Wikipedia

Biddle also worked in and on periodicals. This brief book is not of the same depth as other “classic” titles of combatives of the era, like “Kill or Get Killed”, “Cold Steel” and “Get Tough”. Frenchmen fight with their feet in Savate: The writer especially recommends the favorite unarmed de- fense wdiich the late Colonel Miller prescribed against the over- hand dagger assault. All Jiu-Jitsu wrestling movements that require particular sci- ence in trying for complicated holds or grasps are avoided.

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Do or Die (1944) A J Biddle

The bayonet fencer should meet such an attack by slashing at the op- ponent’s throat. Although it is not as good as the before mentioned, it is however somewhat important because it is a historical record of a valuable source of original written instruction by a combatant prodigy that was influential in effecting the way hand-to-hand was taught in the U.

The Parry and Crab Follow-up Wrist grabs are taken with fingers up, thumb down.

It e important that we point out at this time that in combat, 1 1 you i rifle is loaded, shoot a man rather than engage him in i bayonet fight.

A blade attack from this lateral position is much more difficult and almost impossible to parry; it is the more powerful a.j.ibddle.