”KCK Basın Komitesi” yargılaması İstanbul Semiha Alankuş (Diyarbakır editörü): İddianameye göre DİHA’da çalışmak başlı başına bir suç. Ömer Çiftçi ( imtiyaz sahibi): İddianame derginin basım ve dağıtım işleriyle. Pro-Kurdish Parties and Diyarbakır in general elections. Local elections in which were strongly voiced in the s (KCK ; also see a relevant indictment, TC İddianame no: /, İstanbul Cumhuriyet. Başsavcılığı. Criminal cases against some of the BDP mayors and the Diyarbakir Bar Association for Radikal, ‘KCK Bilançosu’, (04 August ) and Milliyet, ‘Ergin: KCK’dan Isanbul Cumhuriyet Bassavciligi, E/ and iddianame no: /

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Conference in February Ayn El Arab 1. Ras El Ayn 2. Highest decision making body within the party. Congress may Code of the gather prematurely with the approval of the party leader or the decision PYD of members of executive council of party. Furthermore, it can be delayed up to 1 year for once upon the request of party leader and members of council.

Leader of the Party: Highest decision-making body within the party.

Partinin en PYD Lideri: Highest diyarbakkr body within the Congress: Highest decision-making body party. Similarly, upon the request members of executive council of party.

They should struggle for the establishment of the Democratic Confederation system. Emensubu H.


Defense and the Higher Court of People. Syrian Kurdistan Liberal Union 3.

PKK/KCK Terör Örgütünün Suriye Kolu: PYD-YPG | İçişleri Bakanlığı –

Syrian Kurdistan Communist Party 4. Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party 5. Committee of Defense 1. Committee of High Court lddianamesi Consists of 31 1. Derik, Cihan Usso of Media 2. Committee of Mothers of Peace 3.

Germany Berlin- Culture 5. Sub-Committee Free Citizenship 4.

Kürtçe savunma krizi

Committee of Families of Martyrs 5. Committee of Health Netherlands 4. Committee of Religion 6. Lebanon-Pakrevan of Ideological 9. Supreme Diuarbakr of Election He was sentenced to 6 years of jail in Germany in March for committing the crime of being a member of a terrorist organization that operates abroad.

That does not matter. This date precedes the formation of the YPG by denk gelmektedir. Bu ve uniform with theKCK flag. Member of HPG military council. Amongst the coordinators of big attacks in Zagras iddjanamesi Hakurke areas between and She identified the person on the The arrested organization members M. H Terrorist organization member A. PKK terrorist organization were neutralized.

The attacked outposts were; – Saat Terrorist organization were neutralized. No casualties were reported. Attacks were returned immediately.

‘da Türkiye – Vikipedi

These families sought refuge in Turkey after they had to abondon their homes. Another prominent example from the report is the Tarfa Halil el Hasud, who was 58 years old.


A 16 years old boy who was interviewed by experts in 12 Februarytold that he has been in the YPG since the age of No Child soldiers in PYD!

Young girls who are not older than 15 years of age stopped us to check our identification documents. YPG killed by TR airstrike. You see the flower? Bu decision of the Criminal Court of Peace on The diplomas awarded to Z. Therefore, it clearly identifed that they committed a crime of being a member of a terrorist organization.

In line with the indictment accepted by the Specialized Court of Spain on 23 January2 of the suspects received armed training in northern Syria within the scope of the countering DEASH program, they joined the armed branch YPG of the PKK terrorist organization, operating in Northern Syria; and it is identified that they executed the instructions of the PKK and they were actively involved into the front line of the YPG.

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