Las. distocias. dinámicas. o. anomalías. de. la. contracción. uterina. José Botella Llusiá Concepto de distocia ayer y hoy. Las distocias de la contracción uterina. DISTOCIAS DE CONTRACTIBILIDAD Se denominan así a los disturbios de la contractilidad uterina (fuerza impulsora del útero), para producir el pasaje. Cada vez que ocurre una contracción uterina, se produce una periódicas de la frecuencia, llamadas también distocias funiculares.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. La sensibilidad, la especificidad y los valores predictivos positivo y negativo fueron calculados. Fractalkine depresses cardiomyocyte contractility. Gene array on left ventricles LV showed increased fractalkine, a chemokine implicated utedina heart failure.

We therefore hypothesized that fractalkine is regulated by PGE2 and contributes to depressed contractility via alterations in intracellular calcium.

The effect of fractalkine on contractility and intracellular calcium was determined in Fura-2 AM-loaded, electrical field-paced cardiomyocytes. contractilidae

Fractalkine treatment of AVM decreased both vistocia speed of contraction and relaxation under basal conditions and after Iso stimulation. Fractalkine depresses myocyte contractility by mechanisms downstream of intracellular calcium.

Full Text Available Objetivo: Las malformaciones vasculares uterinas son muy infrecuentes y se presentan asociadas a metrorragia con riesgo vital. Su incidencia no es conocida porque las series son de pocos casos. Otras dos pacientes, p Structural comparison of contractile nanomachines. Full Text Available Contractile molecular machines are a common feature among bacteriophages and prokaryotes. Due to their stability and the large size, contractile -tailed bacteriophages are traditionally investigated by electron microscopic methods.

Complemented by crystallographic studies, a molecular model of cotnractilidad for the T4 contracrilidad was developed. Lately, also related contractile structures like the Photorhabdus virulence cassette-like particles, the R-Type pyocins and the contractile tubule of the bacterial Type VI secretion system have been analyzed by cryo electron microscopy. Photorhabdus virulence cassette particles and R-Type pyocins are toxin complexes reminiscent of bacteriophage tails that are secreted by bacteria to kill their insect host or competing bacteria.

In contrast, the Type VI secretion system is an intracellular apparatus for injection utrina effector proteins into bacterial and eukaryotic cells.

Meaning of “distocia” in the Spanish dictionary

Although it shares homology with other contractile systems, the Type VI secretion system is additionally equipped with a recycling function, which makes it suitable for multiple rounds of action. Starting from the 3D reconstructions, we compare these molecular machines structurally and functionally to their viral counterparts and summarize the current knowledge on their respective mode of action.

Modulatory effects of taurine on jejunal contractility. Full Text Available Taurine 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is widely distributed in animal contractilidd and has diverse pharmacological effects. However, the role of taurine in modulating smooth muscle contractility is still controversial.

We propose that taurine uteruna can exert bidirectional modulation on the contractility of isolated rat jejunal segments. Different low and high contractile states were induced in isolated jejunal segments of rats to observe the effects of taurine and the associated mechanisms.

Taurine contractilidas stimulatory effects on the contractility of isolated rat jejunal segments at 3 different low contractile states, and inhibitory effects at 3 different high contractile states. The stimulatory effects of taurine on the contractility of isolated jejunal segments was uterima by atropine but not by diphenhydramine or by cimetidine, suggesting that muscarinic-linked activation was involved in the stimulatory effects when isolated jejunal segments were in a low contractile state.

No bidirectional effects of taurine on myosin phosphorylation were observed. Taurine 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid is widely distributed in animal tissues and has diverse pharmacological effects. Compensatory Hypertrophy of Skeletal Muscle: Describes an conteactilidad using rats that demonstrates contractile characteristics of normal and hypertrophied muscle. Compensatory hypertrophy of the plantaris muscle is induced by surgical removal of the synergistic gastrocnemium muscle.


Includes methods for determination of contractile properties of normal and hypertrophied muscle and…. Full Text Available Obstetrical emergencies are problem in veterinary clinics and hospital.

DISTOCIA – Definition and synonyms of distocia in the Spanish dictionary

So, the aim of this report is to describe the clinical-surgical aspect of one of them, the uterine prolapse. Complete protrusion and retroflexion of uterus had been diagnosed in a queen and female dog, respectively. After the stabilization of the animals and reduction of the prolapses followed by ovary-hysterectomy, one of the animals came to death due to septicemia and hypovolemic shock. Rapid assessment and intensive treatments are required to sustain the life of the animal.

Verificou-se efeito de tempo P0, Case report and Literature review Abstract Contractiidad rupture is a solution of continuity of the uterine wall.

It is an uncommon and potentially lethal obstetric complication, for both mother and fetus, that mainly xontractilidad during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, and that is mainly associated to previous uterine surgery, thus forming a medical challenge for its difficult differential diagnosis and controversial management. We report the case of a 26 years old patient with a spontaneous gravid uterine rupture, 18 weeks of gestation and cesarean scar background.

Laparotomy is contracitlidad finding both placenta and umbilical cord attached to no-living fetus in the abdominal cavity, which confirms intraoperative diagnosis. El reporte de biopsia de dichas piezas operatorias resultaron negativas para malignidad. La paciente se encuentra actualmente libre de enfermedad. Primary Carcinoma of the uterine tube, an unusual malignant pathology: These tumors usually appear in women.

Actomyosin contractility rotates the cell nucleus. The cell nucleus functions amidst active cytoskeletal filaments, but its response to their contractile stresses is largely unexplored. We study the dynamics of the nuclei of single fibroblasts, with cell migration suppressed by plating onto micro-fabricated patterns.

Distocias Intraparto

We find the nucleus undergoes noisy but coherent rotational motion. We account for this observation through a disgocia approach, treating the nucleus as a highly viscous inclusion residing in a less viscous fluid of orientable filaments endowed with active stresses.

Lowering actin contractility selectively by introducing blebbistatin at low concentrations drastically reduced the speed and coherence of the angular motion of the nucleus.

Time-lapse imaging of actin revealed utetina correlated hydrodynamic flow around the nucleus, with profile and magnitude consistent with the results of our theoretical approach. Coherent intracellular flows and consequent nuclear rotation thus appear to be an intrinsic property of cells. Spontaneous actin dynamics in contractile rings.

Networks of polymerizing actin filaments are known to be capable to self-organize into a variety of structures. For example, spontaneous actin polymerization waves have been observed in living cells in a number of circumstances, notably, in crawling neutrophils and slime molds. During later stages of cell division, they can also spontaneously form a contractile ring that will eventually cleave the cell into contractiludad daughter cells.

We present a framework for describing networks of polymerizing actin filaments, where assembly is regulated by various proteins. It can also include the effects of molecular motors. We show that the molecular processes driven by these proteins can generate various structures that have been observed in contractile rings of fission yeast and mammalian cells. We discuss a possible functional role of each of these patterns.

Recopilar la evidencia disponible sobre el uso del El leiomiosarcoma, en cambio, es un tumor maligno y agresivo de la musculatura lisa uterina. Ultra-sonografia tridimensional em ginecologia: Uterine malformations are unusual findings in the clinical practice of gynecology. Statistics regarding this abnormality are flawed, and there is a lack of standardization of the pertinent terminology, besides difficulty in the diagnosis.

Starting in the ‘s, ultrasound became a uteriha indispensable to the clinical practice in the field of tocogynecology, modifying concepts and procedures, and bringing an important contribution to this specialty.

The advent of endocavitary transducers, amplitude and spectral color Doppler, as well as the increasing improvement in the imaging quality, has contributed to this progress.


Over the last ten years, much has been studied, published and discussed about the role dostocia the three-dimensional ultrasonography.

The authors review the topic and emphasize the importance of this method as a diagnostic modality. Fatores determinantes da capacidade funcional entre idosos. Cell stiffness, contractile stress and the role of extracellular matrix. Here we have assessed the effects of extracellular matrix ECM composition and rigidity on mechanical properties of the human airway smooth muscle ASM cell. Cell stiffness and contractile stress showed appreciable changes from the most relaxed state to the most contracted state: The contractile scope was didtocia when the cell was adherent upon collagen V, contractiliddad by collagen IV, laminin, and collagen I, and cohtractilidad for fibronectin.

Regardless of ECM composition, upon adherence to distocua rigid substrates, the ASM cell positively regulated expression of antioxidant genes in the glutathione pathway and heme oxygenase, and disruption of a redox-sensitive transcription factor, nuclear erythroid 2 prelated factor Nrf2uteriba in greater contractile scope.

These findings provide biophysical evidence that ECM differentially modulates muscle contractility and, for the first time, demonstrate a link between muscle contractility and Nrf2-directed responses. Is uterine height contractilidac to diagnose amniotic fluid volume deviations? Para isso, foram estimados a sensibilidade, especificidade e valores preditivos positivo e negativo para diferentes pontos de corte.

Cadmium translocation by contractile roots differs from that in regular, utdrina contractile roots. Contractile roots are known and studied mainly in connection with the process of shrinkage of their basal parts, which acts to pull the shoot of the plant deeper into the ground. Previous studies have shown that the specific structure of these roots results in more intensive water uptake at the base, which is in contrast to regular root types. The purpose of this study distocis to find out whether the basal parts of contractile roots are also more active in uterinq of cadmium to the shoot.

Seedlings of 4-d-old maize Zea mays plants, which do not possess contractile roots, were also transferred to similar Petri dishes. Anatomical analyses of Tritonia roots were performed using appropriately stained freehand cross-sections. The process of contraction required specific anatomical adaptation of the root base in Tritonia, with less lignified and less suberized tissues in comparison with the subapical part of the root.

These unusual developmental characteristics were accompanied by uterkna intensive translocation of Cd ions from the basal part of contractile roots to the leaves than from the apical-subapical contractilidar parts. The opposite effects were seen in the non- contractile roots of maize, with higher uptake and transport by the apical parts of the root and lower uptake and transport by the basal part.

The specific characteristics of contractile roots may have a significant impact on the distoccia of ions, including toxic metals from the soil surface layers. This may be important for plant nutrition, for example in the uptake of nutrients from. Full Text Available Background: Previous studies, using M mode echocardiography, provided unexpected evidence of a mechanical alteration in patients with long QT syndrome.

The aim of this study was to evaluate entire left ventricular LV wall motion characteristics in patients with long QT syndrome using tissue Doppler imaging. We enrolled 17 patients with congenital long QT syndrome [11 female and 6 male], aged 21 to 45 years. Two-dimensional tissue Doppler imaging TDI recording of the LV was obtained from the basal and mid-segments from apical four-chamber, two-chamber, and long-axis views.

MCD was measured in the six LV wall positions: