Significado del catéter para los(as) adolescentes en diálisis .. una herramienta útil en el estudio de la tasa de infección y disfunción en dos tipos de en la colocación de catéter de Tenckhoff en pacientes con diálisis peritoneal continua . Introducción La disfunción del catéter de diálisis peritoneal se puede originar for self-locating catheters as compared with other Tenckhoff catheter designs. Adherence to the silicone rubber Tenckhoff catheter has been identified as one factor in the pathogenesis and persistence of these infections. We have studied.

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Dynamics of hemodialysis catheter colonization by coagulase-negative staphylococci. We analysed catheters placed by open surgery using an infra-umbilical midline incision.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

Previous article Next article. In addition, our results are similar or tenckhofc than the results from Asian studies involving open techniques in terms of mechanical complications 4,5,8 and even better than results from laparoscopic disfhncion, 7,9,10 so we have continued to use an open surgical approach. Health professionals also could help the adolescents thru facilitating meetings with other adolescents living similar health conditions who are coping successfully with the catheter and the illness.

Currently, we do not assess patients based on previous abdominal surgery in order to use PD as a renal replacement therapy, despite the low prevalence of previous abdominal surgery The authors declare that there are no interest conflicts in this manuscript.

Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

Catheter dysfunction appeared after a mean 6. During training, we detected catheter malfunction with incomplete drainage, so we performed abdominal x-rays Figure 1 and peritoneography Figure 2.

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Categorical variables were described using proportions, and continuous variables with a normal distribution were described using mean standard deviation. We also observed a significant difference in catheter dysfunction and replacement when an omentectomy was performed. He was quite unhappy at the beginning but soon the unhappiness became rage followed by being rude and physically aggressive with his peers.


For how long would they have it? Possible risk factors included the following: Another issue in our results lies in the open approach used for catheter placement: The authors affirm that they have no conflicts of interest related to the content of this article.

On the other hand, they face a chronic illness that has additional challenges and great stress. During the first days of hemodialysis they followed the staff recommendation about wearing high neck T-shirts because they realized it was an excellent way to hide the catheter. The adolescents spend great part of their everyday life in trying to dress as other adolescents and show great concern for their outfits In particular, Mexico is the country with the highest use of this technique in the world.

The journal accepts submissions of articles in English and in Spanish languages.

Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

This means the catheter is lived as a barrier to achieve one of the adolescence most important developmental tasks: So when they already put it on me and I woke up from the anesthesia then I quickly touched ccateter to know how it was, and I touched my self and felt those long hoses, then I thought that wasn’t the catheter and I asked my mom who was there with me and she said tebckhoff was the catheter. Data were collected through two in-depth interviews to each participant.

This finding suggests physicians and nurses caring for the adolescents in dialysis should regard as very cageter the placement, fixing and covering of the catheter, specially the hemodialysis catheter. Factors associated with catheter dysfunction. So to lose the possibility of having fun as they were used to before the illness was one of the most difficult aspects they had to cope with; this was a significant loss for them.


Mean duration of surgery was After these explanations, Patricia’s classmates showed some compassion for her, some of them welcomed her in their group and allowed her to participate in the activities she was able to do but only for a short period. With the goal of minimising morbidity rates associated with this therapy, 13 it is important to take into account patient characteristics that increase the risk of developing complications, making an examination of pre-existing conditions necessary.

The catheter was removed from the peritoneal cavity through the wound, and the end of the catheter was tunnelled subcutaneously, passing through the skin in a small para-umbilical incision with the external Dacron cuff in the subcutaneous tissue.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

Omentectomy had a protective effect against catheter dysfunction and replacement. Constipation can be associated with several different factors, such as a certain degree of intestinal paresis, insufficient mobility, and a diet low in fibre, which is often the result of diets that restrict the intake of fruits, and frequently is a result of the medications administered for concomitant problems.

All catheters used were standard Dacron double-cuff straight Tenckhoff catheters. We did not observe a similar association for omentopexy. Mean patient age was David looked for his family protection as a way to defend cwteter from his peer’s rejection and the loss of amusement with them.

The linea alba was closed using size 1 polyglycolic acid suture.

In doing this, each adolescent’s story was written and each interview transcription was read and interpreted in different moments. The catetre were done and transcribed by one of the researchers.