“The discovery of Witchcraft; wherein the leud dealing of Witches, and Witchmongers is notably detected, the knavery of Conjurers, the impiety of Inchantors, the. The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Classic Reprint) [Reginald Scot] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from The Discoverie of Witchcraft. Reginald Scot wrote The Discoverie of Witchcraft as a refutation of witchcraft and the inquisition. He argued that witchcraft and spirits were fictional, and caused.

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Some idscoverie that the king Beliall was created immediatlie after Luciferand therefore they thinke that he was father and seducer of them which fell being of the orders. In my experience, most people who believe in really weird things are also stunningly ignorant on the same topics.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

And laie thy right hand out of the bed, and looke thou have a faire silken kercher bound about thy head, and be not afraid, they will doo thee no harme. The receipt is as followeth. To be short, the opinion of them that are most skilfull in the toongs, is, that it comprehendeth all them, which take upon them to knowe all things past and to come, and to give answers accordinglie. Arato hoc partiko hoc maratarykin. And if this Paimon speake sometime that the conjuror understand him not, let him not therefore be dismaied.

If Christ had knowne them, he would not havepretermitted to invaie against their presumption, in taking upon them his office: Lie a wager with your confederate who must seeme simple, or obstinatelie opposed against you that standing behind a doore, you will by the sound or ringing of the monie tell him whether he cast crosse or pile: Item, to fill a quill with quicke silver, and laie the same under the cushine, where such a one sitteth, or else to put it under the witchcraftt of the doore of the house or chamber where he dwelleth.


Scot helpfully supplies illustrations of the necessary tools for these gruesome tricks: Item, the proctors and advocats in this case are compelled to be witnesses against their clients, as in none other case they are to be constrained discoverei unto.

Also I conjure you, and everie of you, ye infernall kings, by heaven, by the starres, by the and by the and by all the planets, by the earth, fier, aier, and water, and by the terrestriall paradise, and by all things in them conteined, and by your hell, and by all witchcrafy divels in it, and dwelling about it, and by your vertue and power, and by all whatsoever, and with whatsoever it be, which maie constreine and bind you.

NOW when he is appeared, bind him with these words which followe.

This art of it selfe is not evill; for it consisteth in searching foorth the nature, causes, and effects of things. When he is in a mans shape, he is an excellent fighter, he answereth all questions trulie, he is faithfull in all witchxraft conjurors businesse, he was of the order of dominations, under him are thirtie legions: His sonne being an ungratious boie, and prentise to one Robert Scotchford clothier, dwelling in that parish of Brenchlie passed on a daie by hir house; at whome by chance hir little dog barked.

September 5, at 1: And he or she that this enjoieth, no water shall them drowne.

Discoverie of Witchcraft, The

Certeine popish and magicall cures, for them that are bewitched in their privities. He that readeth the ecclesiasticall histories, or remembreth the persecutions in Witchvraft Maries time, shall find, that manie good men have fallen for feare of persecution, and returned unto the Lord againe. Witdhcraft all which points he answered by signes, as he was commanded, by the which he affirmed or denied anie thing, according as he strake the boord twise or thrise together.

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Psalme be written, and bound Ad viri fascinati coxam.

And then a certeine praier. Fiat, fiat, fiat, Amen.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft – Wikipedia

Dukes may be hound from the first houre till noone; and cleare wether is to be observed. Further discussing the real purpose of the Incubus legend, he writes, Thus are lecheries covered with the cloke of Incubus and witchcraft, contrarie to nature and veritie: A strange cure done to one that was molested with Incubus. And if thou wilt, thou maiest recite, two or three times, the last conjuration, untill thou doo come to this tearme, In throno.

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My loafe in my lap, my penie in my pursse; Thou are never the better, and I am never the wursse. And therefore we must rather thinke as it is said that they were gathered together in that great brasen vessell for pride and arrogancie, and throwne into a deepe lake or hole in Babylon. He spends much time blasting various prognosticators, such as the oracles, diviners, and augurs. I see hir when she commeth upon me, and strive to repell hir; but I am so infeebled that I cannot: It seems as ridiculous as having Ken Ham write an introduction for P.