The RP is the middle model in Digitech’s new range of three digital guitar preamps, all of which take advantage of the company’s newly developed Audio. If you want to add an extra flare of style to your guitar playing, you can try the DigiTech RP effects pedal. This small yet versatile digital processor comes. The Digitech RP Guitar Modeling Processor is a comprehensive guitar workstation that makes Digitech’s Component Modeling technology easy and intuitive.

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I’ve been into programming for years and did it as a profession, so I’m pretty good at making software and hardware work. I have used mine live since they first came out. With this DigiTech pedal, you can modify the presets to create your own distinctive tone and switch pitches easily using the two onboard digktech. I would do that choice for me.

All the delays, distortions and especially the whammy effect works great for the modern rock we cover. Digitech’s Component Modeling gives a more dynamic, responsive depiction of an amp’s performance than amp modeling alone. Our members also liked: The manual is clear?? It has a built in drum machine, which is a very cool feature. It can therefore presets for each in memory it seems, finally has it right not need as much, do not worry edit his sound. Be the first to review this item. Small defect, apparently common among Digitech: I connected the RP to a Fender Rhodes and the result is great!


In fact everything is under the eyes and the mouse.

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Each time you use this unit, you can be surprised by what you hear coming out of your amp, which can make you want to record each jam session. Note that by Sort this out a bit we can get a looper for five seconds with digital delay set to max, then playing, dihitech adjusting the repetitions from 99 to and finally, turning the knobs presets c is not much but for this price there is bonus and I must say that I’m using it a lot.

This pedal is very user friendly and it’s all around easy to control. There is a manual in English and in French xigitech are basic but usable and comprhensibles. However, taking his time we can find what you’re looking but really taking his time. Conection output L and R mono or stereo, r2p50 and guitar.

The models and effects can be tweaked individually, or dialed in quickly using the Amp and Effect Chains.

The build in drum machine sounds really nice, and its really handy for flushing out song ideas. The effects sound nice, the distortions are okay, and the built in drum machine and USB recording features are really handy for making quick sketches of songs. The RP is a full-featured guitar workstation that is intuitive to use.


The effect dial allows you to add a ton of different effects, like phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and many others dlgitech your over all sound. And my tastes, and Dual Rectifier Marshall imitations are very far from the original models. More items related to this product. Read full review Verified purchase: Additional Product Features Nominal Input.

User reviews: DigiTech RP – Audiofanzine

They are well balanced and the frquences are good and do well in the mix. Couraging with the pedals. I like most of all its sound and the sturdy metal housing.

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The PDAL is complte trs in a housing mtal solid. So many presets dp250 custom sets that i still have a ways to go to use all the features.

Two up-streams and two down-streams make the RP an excellent choice for direct computer recording. Intgr Tuner function and” Bypass “.

That means that you can easily create wild tonal sweeps with the expression pedal. vigitech

If you are a musician who is looking for tonal versatility, then this multi effects pedal can be the exact tool that you have been dreaming of.