Die “Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Front Cover. Hans Asperger. na, – QR code for Die “Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Die „Autistischen Psychopathen” im Kindesalter. Authors: Hans Asperger. Publication date (Print): June Journal: Archiv für Psychiatrie und. Based on the review of Asperger’s Autistische Psychopathie, from first .. Asperger H. Die “autistischen Psychopathen” im kindesalter.

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J Neural Transm Vienna ; 1: Often the children came psychoathen families of prominent scientists or artists, of whom apparently mainly the whims, the deviance, had remained.

Asperger’s 1944 article summarized

Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism. Once having learnt a skill or formed a habit, their compulsive nature makes them stick to it rigidly.

According to this model, personality disorders represent maladaptive variants of personality traits that merge imperceptibly into normality and into one another, as well as spectra of personality dysfunctions on a continuum with other mental disorders [ 2 ].

The autism-spectrum quotient AQ: The Autistischen Psychopathen on the other hand are stable, and those with sufficient intelligence often learn to adapt to some degree to the demands of society via the way of the intellect as they grow up. This may pose great challenge to knidesalter process [kindssalter and raise the risk of misdiagnosis [ 547]. In many cases there had been several generations of intellectuals in the families.

Experience tells it is at not psycgopathen clear to some that “the second year of life” means psychopxthen age of one, and not two, as is the typical misinterpretation. One might speculate though that the frequent occurrence of depression in these people, as well as the less frequent occurrence of psychosis, have something to do with the ongoing effort of controlling this rage; with a failing therein, a breaking down or disintegration under the stress of it. Neuropsychological profile of autism and the broad autism phenotype.


The blessings of feminism may be putting ever more potentially creative achievers in the disabled category, thus as it were castrating society’s source of progress.

In all psychopayhen the cases where it was possible to verify this, the child’s symptoms could be recognized in relatives. Baron-Cohen and colleagues [ 25 ] highlighted the ability of systematization, described as the accumulation of facts or measures about the physical world in a systematic way.

Asperger’s article summarized

In the tactile realm, a dislike for sensations like velvet, silk, cotton wool, chalk, the roughness of new shirts, the cutting of nails, or water when bathing. Further, although current impairment is required to make a diagnosis, the DSM-5 warns that diagnostic criteria may be met even if only based on historical information. Thus, these clinical entities, excluded as autistic symptoms from Schizophrenia and thereafter diagnosed as Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality Disorders, are likely to be diagnosed as ASD according to DSM-5 guidelines.

DSM-5 and autism spectrum disorders: Autistische Psychopathie According to Hans Asperger Inthe Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger described some children with deficient non-verbal communication skills, lack of empathy with peers, physical clumsiness, sometimes associated to exceptional skills or talent [ 11 ]. In schizophrenia there is loss of contact with reality, in particular in the form of hallucinations and delusions.

The speech works as a caricature, provokes derision. It shows the importance and value of intelligence. This is likely the case of ASD subjects with Mood Disorders misdiagnosed as psychotics for the atypical symptoms and the peculiar patterns of behavior related to their ASD [ ].

The question whether or not A. This is currently a theory, but given the advantage such personality types have in dealing with technology, the strong heredity of the condition, the relation with intellectuals in the family observed autistiachen Asperger, and the importance of technology and necessity to deal with it in modern society, it makes sense that with every generation there would be more individuals like this, intellect-oriented rather than instinct-driven.


A clear majority arrives at good professional performance, often in high positions, and one gets the impression that no one but exactly these autistic individuals could be capable of such achievement. They have little control over their body, psychoathen never swing along in a rhythm.

| h. asperger: Die ‘Autistischen Psychopathen’ im Kindesalter

Also, in marriages of autistic persons, the inevitable problems and tension are such that there is no room for a larger number of children. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.

The authors confirm that this article content has no conflict of interest. The E-mail message field km required. Asperger also observed no above-average occurrence of schizophrenia in the families of autistic children, so that genetically the conditions appear to have nothing to do with each other; this however was not conclusive.

A further important issue, raised by recent epidemiological and genetic studies and disregarded by the DSM-5, is the clinical and etiological continuity between ASD diagnosis and autistic traits in nonclinical populations [ 45 – 54 ]. This is an open access articles licensed under the terms of the Creative Fie Attribution-Non-Commercial 4. What did we learn from research on comorbidity in psychiatry? Published online Nov 3.