Dhirubhai Ambani, (Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani), Indian industrialist (born Dec. 28, , Chorwad, Gujarat, India—died July 6, , Mumbai. Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani (Gujarati: ધીરુભાઈ અંબાણી) also known as Dhirubhai, (28 December – 6 July ) was an Indian. Dhirubhai Ambani is not an unheard name to an Indian entrepreneur. As the founder of If you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault.

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Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Kokilaben and Mukesh were back home in India.

Dhirubhai Ambani

He cannot handle Ambani. And, there in Aden, A. Sensing an opportunity, a bear cartel which was a group of stock brokers from Calcutta started to short sell the shares of Reliance. This new star, which rose on the horizon of the Indian industry three decades ago, remained on the top until the end by virtue of his ability to dream big and translate it into reality through the strength of his tenacity and perseverance.

Initially, they had two assistants to help them with their business. Damani was a cautious trader and did not believe in building yarn inventories, Dhirubhai was a known risk taker and he believed in building inventories, anticipating a price rise, and making profits.

So he needed to hurry up before the visa rules changed. In a few days he was in Bombay to board the ship to Aden.



I need your money. During lunch break he roamed the souks and bazaars of Aden where traders from numerous different continents and countries bought and sold goods worth millions of pound sterling, the then global currency, during the day.

dhirubhsi He established and laid the foundation for Reliance Industries, which has become one of the largest conglomerates of India today. An investigation by the Reserve Bank of India in the incident did not find any unethical or illegal acts or transactions committed by Reliance or its promoters. Gurumurthy and another journalist, Mulgaokar consorted with President Giani Zail Singh and ghost-wrote a hostile letter to the Prime Minister on his behalf.

As days passed by, The Indian Express, a broadsheet daily published by him, carried a series of articles against Reliance Industries and Dhirubhai in which they claimed that Dhirubhai was using unfair trade practices to maximise the profits.

Life in Aden Just after Dhirubhai was through his annual matriculation examination and even before the result was out, Hirachandbhai called him home to Chorwad. He established Reliance Industries in Majin dhirubhaj to import polyester yarn autobiographh export spices to Yemen. He diversified his business to include petrochemicals, information technology, telecommunications, power, energy, capital markets, infrastructure services, retail, logistics and textiles.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat To counter this, a group of dhirubhhai brokers till recently referred to as “Friends of Reliance” started to buy the short sold shares of Reliance Industries on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Later on, Ramnath Goenka chose to support Nusli Wadia.


Dhirubhai Ambani | Biography, Pictures and Facts

He has been accused of having manipulated government policies to suit his own needs, and has been known to be a king-maker in government elections [12]. His foresightedness and ability to judge helped him crack two most hefty deals in autoboography yarn market that earned him the flush of capital required for the future Reliance Textiles. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies.

The family needs it. Know more about his childhood, life, works and achievements in this biography. His biographer himself has cited some instances of autobiographj unethical behavior when he was just an ordinary employee at a petrol pump in Dubai.

Nevertheless, not the one to get scared to taking risks, he continued with the project. Dhirubhai’s control over stock exchange InReliance Industries came up against a rights issue regarding partly convertible debentures.

On many occasions, Ramnath Goenka tried to intervene between the two warring factions and bring an end to the enmity. Franchise retail outlets were started and they used to sell “only Vimal” brand of zmbani.

In no time, it became the finest, best-selling fashion fabric of its times Increased demand led to increased sales and greater profits. And our efforts greater.

Aden Indians those days were allowed to settle in Britain.