Devi Khadgamala Stotram with a clean audio to all devotee and with a lot of features. Read more. Reviews. Review Policy. 40 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. A Google . Sri Devi refers to Shakti, the Divine Mother. Word ‘Khadga’ means Sword, ‘Mala’ means Garland, Stotram means a hymn or song of praise. So the Khadgamala. There are many types and levels of worship of the Devi(s) of the Sri Chakra. The Khadgamala is the simplest way. It is simply reciting the names of all the Devis.

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Luntane thaskara bhayesangramesalilaplave, SAmudhra yana vikshobhe, Bhootha prethathike bhaye 3. Therein lies its power. Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu.

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It is a very powerful invocation. Thasmad gopyatharadropyam rahasyam bhakthi mukthidham. Lalithaaya mahesanyaa malaa vidhyaa maheeyasi, Nara vasyam narendraanaam vasyam naree va sankaram By learning this garland of knowledge about the mighty Lalitha, We would be able to attractmen, kingsladies or Lord Shiva. Light preserves the present moment. So, sex was like hunger, nourishing my need to extend my self beyond death. Ramachander In my earlier posting of my translation of the Devi Gadkamala stotrathe phala Sruthi has unfortunately been left out.


Sections of this page. I was worried that I would die, and how can I go on after my life? Sword cuts the head, separating body from mind. Fevi practice protects you, nourishes you, and takes you beyond. The Divine Mother imagined 14 stable worlds in an atom, and 14 worlds in cosmos.


It is very good for all round protection and progress.

The following is the sequence in which the names should be recited. So it is a symbol of knowledge. If recited when you are tired and exhausted, it is an excellent rejuvenator of the body, mind and the hkadgamala.

If I did not get what I wanted, I felt helpless, angry and needed power. The individual separated from cosmos and said,” I am so and so and these are mine and these are not mine. Khadgamala is not merely a Stotra or a hymn but is a Mala Mantra which invokes Sri Mahatripurasundari along with all her Avarana Devatas. The Goddess loves fun. We have life but we don’t feel flowing time in sleep.

As you are reciting each name, a portion of Sri Stotrzm should spring up in your imagination. The Mala is of five types: I had the pride that I had it, and nobody else had it. The power comes from intensifying concentration to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of hkadgamala goddess manifesting that part stltram the ever youthful Goddess.

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I discovered also that I could create new life forms through pleasure. Yeka varam japa dhyanamsarva pooja phalam labeth, Navavarana deveenaam Lalithaya mahoujana, By chanting and meditating on it for a weekThe good effect of worship of the Goddess Lalitha of Navavarana, nine surrounding circles i Would be obtained by the great people 8.

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Khadgamala is about imagining a garland of ideas, nourishing and protecting them and putting life into them. It fulfils all wishes, more than you desire, instantly. By chanting this Mala Mantra in times which make detailed Navavarana Chakrarchana Saparya not possible, complete fruit of performing Navavarana is assured to the Sadhaka who simply chants this Mala Mantra.

In both these cases there is no experience. So begin your journey to Goddess khadfamala, no matter how feebly. She chose to be the space, the womb, in which time can move. By meditating in one place on her form, Which is not even visible to Vedas and Vedangas And which is the secret meaning of all agamas, Al the sins committed would be destroyed. She created a great movement to time.