Thumbnail for Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin was selling ,00 copies a week. The series was originally called Roberto Alcázar, el intrépido aventurero español. fanzines y publicaciones pulp fiction dispuestos para su descarga libre y gratuita, muchos TEBEOS ANTIGUOS-ROBERTO ALCAZAR Y PEDRIN- RAFAEL. Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín, de Eduardo Vañó. ideas about Comic Book Covers. roberto alcazar y pedrin, anys Comic Book CoversComic BooksAdventure.

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El Soplete del Hombre Infernal. There are some well illustrated text strips. This time a Spanish version published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona.

The masked, hooded, caped hero has a crystal disk which emits various rays, which can destroy objects and knock people out. Diamante Negro – Ricardo Manteca y Jorgito Apuros 09 Uploaded: If descargr suspect allcazar any of our content may be infringing copyright, then please use our contact page to let us know.

Printed by Imp Moderna, Paris.

The hero is described as the famous explorer, Bill Cody. We only hold comic books and images that are in the Public Domain. Viriato y la Destruccion de Numancia – Nice art with a swashbuckling hero and an example of the classic Spanish historical adventure comic. Great pirate adventure with El Diablo de Los Mares. This is a historically significant archive, that has taken a great many people thousands of hours to create and we are ever vigilant to ensure that no content breaches copyright or trademark laws.


Published by Impresos Cosmos, Valencia, Spain. Atomo Kid 29 Los hombres de dwscargar nieves Uploaded: Little stories for little people, almost fairy tales. This is the Spanish version of Blonde Panther Pantera Bionda, in Italian In this version, the censors insisted on covering our heroine up a bit and added the skirt.

No idea of the publisher.

Also as often happened, the format was changed, in this case from the Spanish landscape to pocket library sized portrait. Black Shadow Comics 1.

Published by Ameller, Barcelona. The adventures of Terciopelo Dfscargar are set in historical Venice. As additional appeal, the words to 3 popular songs are included, plus a photo of the artist on the back page. Landscape weekly published by Exclusivas Gerpla, Barcelona.

Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona. Pacho Dinamita 15 El boxeador asesino Uploaded: Beautiful ’40’s masked hero comic.

Published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona. Pimpinela 27 – David y Goliat.

Aquellos inolvidables tebeos

Some of the illustrated prose appears to be from British storypapers but I can’t figure out in which papers they might have originated.


As de Espadas, El Art by Jose Grau. Football anthology with strips, cartoons and articles on players and football. Published by Graficas Munoz, Hospitalet, Spain.

Published by Editorial Toray, Barcelona. Featuring, “The Terrible Invisible Power”.

Spanish Language Books

Published by Editorial Marco, Barcelona. Spanish landscape weekly published by Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona, Hispano Americana de Ediciones, Barcelona. Adaptations of fairy tales. Thrilling exotic adventures with the hero, Casiano Barullo.

With thanks to http: El Jinete Enmascarado 07 – El misterio de la caverna Uploaded: D’Artagnan y los Tres Mosqueteros 11 Uploaded: Uses a whip and a gun. An early example of historical adventures, in this case the middle ages, featuring a masked hero who was done down by the rberto.

Durga-Rani El Peneca Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona. We are the original and still the premier site to read and download Golden and Silver Age comic books.