The Demolished Man [Alfred Bester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , the wealthiest man in the universe is determined to. In I bought a 30p second-hand paperback because I liked the title: ‘The Demolished Man’, by Alfred Bester. This fits into a rare category of. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in

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The stars are only for the world-building and plot-outline. The conception is realistic, exciting, and has enough elements of SF – that of a world teeming with graded Espers or mind-readers who police the world that has now expanded to settle on various planets, and catch the criminal before he can even properly lay on the plan.

View all 36 comments. Reich didn’t know there was a daughter.

The Demolished Man (Literature) – TV Tropes

But Bester tries to impart some psychological gravitas through generous doses of Freudian concepts and plenty of psychiatric jargon. As a cat-and-mouse tale it was solid and fascinating. We know who the killer is: I can’t say I have or will read the other nominees from that year, but this one was a lot of fun for me.

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Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

Then again this a page story, so you can’t demolishhed that much depth of character. I liked the cat and mouse between Powell and Reich.

To deflect suspicion, Reich has Jerry remove the bullets from the cartridges in the gun before he accepts it. After more attempts on his life, and more dreams of the Man with No Face, Reich attempts to kill Powell. The assassination attempts on Reich were carried out by Reich himself as a result of his disturbed state. She makes a fool of herself and So, I finished this book yesterday.


Robert Silverberg judges Bester’s novel as among demllished ten greatest sf novels ever written. The book is zany, and moves ahead with the brash momentum of deomlished superhero comic book. Some selections are hit and others miss. One character in the story suffers this fate for 10 years, leaving him desperate for even vicarious contact with other telepaths.

The story is set a few centuries in the future, when telepathic policemen monitor the thoughts of would-be criminals and thwart their plans before they can be implemented. I love reading early SF for the ways in alvred their most cutting-edge technology influences the technology they envision.

The climax and finale of the book were especially enjoyable and demoliahed elements that made me think of the best aspects of the classic Twilight Zone series Heise News in German. Shasta Publishers first edition.

She spends all of her scenes trying to get whoever she’s talking to to stick it in her. Open Preview See a Problem? Visit our companion sites The New Canon A guide to outstanding works of fiction published since Conceptual Fiction Celebrating masterworks of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history and magical realism F ractious Fiction Exploring radical, unconventional and experimental fiction Great Books Guide A look at contemporary currents in literature.

The other broad problem is a change in style. This makes him very angry and unlocks hidden mental resources, so that he discovers how to teleport himself from one place to another through sheer willpower.

I found it to be a quick and interesting read, but my enjoyment was hampered by the fact that I didn’t really like any of the characters. An example of inverted detective storyit was first serialized in three parts, beginning with the January issue of Galaxy Science Fiction[1] followed by publication of the novel in Though successful in all these fields, he is best remembered for his science fiction, including The Demolished Man, winner of the inaugural Hugo Award ina story about murder in a future society where the police are telepathic, and The Stars My Desti Alfred Bester was an American science fiction author, TV and radio scriptwriter, magazine editor and scripter for comic strips and comic books.


Telepathy was the biggest gimmick in the book, but it was explored so very thoroughly, as teleportation had been exhausted in The Stars My Destination, that I can do very little but admire how demolishwd it was all pulled mna. Jo Walton has said that The Demolished Man is shaped by Freudian psychology, comparing it to The Last Battle ‘ s relation to Christianityand emphasizing that the resolution of the plot only makes sense in a Freudian context: The existence of a cadre of mind-readers—known as “Espers”—make it impossible to hide criminal intent from the authorities.

Did this story really need Barbara or Mary in the way they were used towards the end?

Views Read Edit View history. Come on Goodreads, fix this bug! The book is quite short so there is not a lot of room for character development, but the protagonist and antagonist are quite complex and believable characters. Now, surprisingly, when I google the Net for the phrase “tenser said the tensor”I get hits! Powell loses Reich for a while. Way Station by Clifford D. Reich is not surprised, saying he would have done the same.

All the women, whether mothers or sexbots, are terrible masochists and pawns in the games of powerful men. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Man will find a way to cheat even in the most utopian society — the nature of human being is incorrigible… The Demolished Man is a unique and very idiosyncratic dystopian mystery and an early harbinger of cyberpunk.

Sam Atkins kins in the text. Jul 24, Jan-Maat added it Shelves: