DECRETO 3074 DE 1968 PDF

Decreto ley núm. 44/91/M, por el que se aprueba el reglamento de higiene y seguridad del trabajo de la construcción civil de Macao. .. de de Presupuestos del Sector Público para el año ; Ley , que establece Decreto Supremo N°/, y sus modificaciones, y el Decreto Supremo 3, WALES. UNIVERSITY OF WALES TRINITY ST DAVID 3, . BULGARIA. TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY SOFIA. 3, emitir el Poder Ejecutivo mediante decreto y de conformidad con la tabla que establece U TI. AIF. CESSNA. MONOMOTOR. L. IO. AL. F. A R. O. MEO. 3.,1. 5. 0.,0. 0. 0. AC. IES. EMB.

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Regulations designed to invigorate the technology market, promote the integration of economic development with science and technology, protect the legitimate interests of people engaged in technology trading and improve the management of the technology market.

All Regulations issued according to this article may have retroactive effect. Amends the basic provisions of the Education Officers Placements, Transfers and Transfers Regulations to by adding a new provision 12A, which stipulates that an educational worker completing a 3-year service in schools which are in the occupied by the Turkish army regions, will be granted additional 25 points for each year of service for the purpose of future reassignment.

China – Condiciones de empleo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Regulations concerning minimum wages in enterprises. Article 5 amends article 8 by adding new decreot in the reservation of the 2nd phrase worded as follows: Concerns 10 per cent out of the total of civil service posts.

The enterprise shall contribute to the retirement and unemployment insurance funds and shall pay housing subsidies. Inter alia, amends dcreto Guardianship of Minors Ordinance, the Separation and Maintenance Orders Ordinance, the Matrimonial Causes Ordinance, and the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Ordinance so as to allow the court to attach the wages of a designated payee in order to satisfy a maintenance order.

Contracts for Overseas Employment Amendment Ordinance decreti Employment Amendment Ordinance Help me to find this decreto ley de pdf. Short Title Article 2: Examples of occupations classified by wage step are given in a schedule. Wages in such enterprises are to be determined by the board of directors, but shall be no less than per cent of the average wages in state-owned enterprises under similar conditions in the same trade and in the same locality.

Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council: It also provides for an exception with regard to the announcement in the Official Journal during of vacancies subject to filling, in which case a written examination takes place, the procedure of which is specified in the provisions of the present article. Misconduct and penalties Chapter VI: Ds 63 Long title Cap 63 s 1 Short title Cap 63 s 2 Trade Boards and minimum wages Cap 63 s 3 Application of Cap 86 Cap 63 s 4 Duties and powers of Trade Boards with respect to minimum rates of wages Cap 63 s 5 Penalty for not paying wages in accordance with minimum rate which has been made obligatory Cap 0374 s 6 Liability of agents and other persons Cap 63 s 7 Provision for case of persons employed by piece-work where a minimum time-rate but no general minimum piece-rate has been fixed Cap 63 s 8 Prevention of evasion Cap 63 s 9 Employers not to receive premium where minimum rates in force Cap 63 s 10 Powers of officers Cap 63 s 11 Officers to produce certificates when required Cap 63 s 12 Power to conduct proceedings Cap 63 s 13 Consent of Commissioner to prosecution.


Amends the Public Decrrto Act, so as to regulate anew the handling of ve and career development of heads of departments. The increase decreot the retirement benefit ranges from 20 per cent for those who retired before January 1, to 1.

Part 7 deals exclusively with breach and liability for breach of contract.

The Aim of the law is to protect public interest from discrepancies in the allocation of jobs, because of the privileged information capacity that former public officers have.

Fri Sep 25, 8: Article 5 replaces article 10 with new one, concerning the voluntary early termination of service. Made under Mine Health and Safety Act, Establishes a special Fund for the protection of employees’ rights in the event of an employer’s insolvency.

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Chapter 1 of Plan deals mandate and functions, Chapter 2 fe institutional arrangements, Chapter 3 with policies, plans and programmes, and Chapter 4 with recommendations. Comprehensive legislation on defence forces. Amends the basic provisions of by adding a new provision 6A which stipulates that an educational worker which completes a 3-year service in schools which are in the occupied by the Turkish army regions, will have his service counted as double. Based on the Laws on Public Service from to D 5 amends article 16 by adding new paragraph g worded as follows: Se aplica a los trabajadores, a los contratistas de obras y a todos los que se encuentren en una obra, de manera permanente u ocasional.

It also adds new article 4 on the temporary introduction of special provisions regulating the filling of vacancies to be exempted from the suspension of filling. Occupational Safety and Health Council Ordinance The calculation of the weekly wage does not take into consideration any sum superior to the weekly sum of the basic insurance revenues multiplied by four, as this is defined according to the Social Security acts from to It also provides for payment in the event of dismissal of a worker.

Amends the principal Ordinance in a number of respects; prescribes the minimum age of capacity for persons to whom the Ordinance applies to enter into contract of employment outside Hong Kong; enacts further provisions concerning migration from Hong Kong to the United 30774 for employment purposes; and prescribes penalties for contraventions.


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Article 57 is amended to read: Decreto de – 13 de Mayo de – Diario Oficial Regulations concerning minimum wages in enterprises. Managers of enterprises; Ch. Inter alia, amending article 7A of Law No. Amends all Acts concerning the Army of the Republic from to and all Regulations concerning the officers serving the Army of the Republic with regard to nominations, scale, hierarchy, promotions, and discharge from to Moreover section 71, concerning civil rights, stipulates that every public officer has the right to express political opinions and convictions, but not in his or her capacity as a public servant.

Also deals with violations of ethical guidelines, discipline and anti-corruption measures. LS – Cz.

Provides for retirement age for members, regulates labour relations and strikes, and restricts former members of the National Intelligence Agency or South Africa Secret Service from using their skills to the detriment of the Agency or Service. Article 3 amends article 7, by adding new reservations in subparagraph i of paragraph b of 1st phrase, concerning the calculation of the monthly gross pension emoluments; in subparagraph ii of paragraph b of 1st phrase, concerning the binding nature of the pertinent option and in 4th phrase, concerning the calculation of benefits rising from the termination of service for police members.

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It further amends article 8, concerning the index-readjustment of emoluments and pensions article 5 athe non-granting of wage increase for and the readjustment of the wage increase for article 5 bas well as article 10, concerning the partial entry into force of the Law article 6.

This system is to be applied without exception to workers recruited for regular jobs within the labour and wage quotas set by the Government s. The Regulations, which cover supervisory organs and their personnel, jurisdiction of supervisory organs, functions and powers of supervision organisations, supervisory procedures and penalties, were promulgated by Order No.

Law which provides for the coordination of procedures for the award of public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts and for related matters No. Part 3 deals with particulars of employment; Part 4 with hours of work.