Is design like art? Often said to be subjective and objective? Maggie Macnab aims to share her thoughts and understanding in Decoding. 1 quote from Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication: ‘Designers need to recognize that, though their goal is to influen. . Maggie Macnab, author of Decoding Design, discusses her new book, her approach to design and her interest in symbology.

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The Euclidian polygon for each digit is then presented, along with an assortment of logos with thematic connections to that polygon.

Keeps your interest on what could otherwise About the Author SinceMaggie Macnab has been creating symbols, visual metaphors and conceptual design for a wide range of clients. This is fundamental to human existence. The chapters progress, one through ten, where Maggie explains the meaning and symbolism behind each number.

By creating a Core77 account you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. For example, while I understand an analysis of polygons and natural numbers, I’m not quite clear on the need to discuss Jungian archetypes next to an analysis of the Mastercard logo. Possibly as soon as in the next few months, the large hadron collider nearing completion at CERN outside of Geneva will be smashing little tiny particles at obscene speeds into one another in the hopes of finding the elusive Higgs boson, the so-called “god particle” that may provide teleological hope to the Standard model of physics.

I like the basic premise and overall design of this book; however, I found the New Age-y, attribution-free, pseudo-science style of the actual writing to be distracting to the point of irritation. Perhaps you thought the tools are Photoshop, Illustrator and the likes. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions All of the little details are right, from its visually comfortable grid to the stunning panoramic long-exposure photos of cities and urban sprawl.

Well researched, well designed, well referenced, and with hundreds of visual entry-points for the macnag, it successfully achieves its claim–a must-buy for design students and visual communication practitioners–even the best-read in deccoding field are sure to learn and benefit from it. Don’t listen to me on the matter.


Mathematics, physics, philosophy and psychology. The turn of phrase “buying in” could mean ponying up enough coin to get a seat at a high stakes poker game or changing one’s mindset to encompass a radical ideology.

A User’s Guide to Semiotics. This appears over and over again in nature as it grows, as in the spiraling of plant leaves, where constantly irregular patterns or irrational numbers allow maggiee the best passage of sunlight onto lower leaves between the patterned ones above. These shapes have found their way into human design since the beginning of our time because they tell an eternal tale in a glimpse, and mafgie structure instructs about our connection to the universe. Any observer, however, who goes looking around in the world for the ratio of 3: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

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Fill yourself up with information and let your unconscious shake it down to the relevant stuff. Please try again later. Decoding Design reveals how common symbols and shapes – like circles, squares and triangles Since the ratio is around 1.

Author Maggie Macnab Discusses Using Symbols in Design

Understanding this gives any viewer—consumer or designer—more power to respond rather than to just react. The Patterns of Chaos in its bibliography, perhaps the collision of two so very different worldviews will prove as interesting to some holistic readers as the results of CERN will to scientists like me.

Already have an account? I always interview the client to get their perspective on their business and for a broad grasp of their personality. I also realized that my syntax and structure linked the dangers that CERN might pose to the discovery of the Higg’s boson, quite accidentally.

The grid, that end-all-be-all of layout, is modular arithmetic.

Decoding Design

Maggie Macnab’s Decoding Design applies the science of mathematics to design elements of typography and graphics, so it should totally be up my alley.


Decoding Design nacnab how common symbols and shapes – like circles, squares and triangles – resonate at a gut level and can lend greater meaning to a design. In my original, I wrote bosun instead of boson, the former being nautical shorthand for boatswain, and I come from a naval family, so I apologize for the hasty typing. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. This work is about refining information from nature, appreciating its subtlety, and bringing the intuitive into consciousness.

Decoding Design : Maggie Macnab :

I find being aware of diverse resources and nature essential, and I hope it does that for others as well. I would like to have many professions, but only have the time and energy to be a designer, so I loved being able to explore other disciplines and demonstrate how we work from the same starting points—it always comes down to understanding the nature of things.

I’m embarrassed and this oversight has been corrected. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The trouble is that Macnab presents scientific theory, Euclidian geometry, numerology and mysticism as concepts of equal validity even though they don’t operate on the same planes of rigor.

I’m simply not qualified, and a large part of science is an awareness of when to suspend judgment. It helps close the deal by providing a coherent service. Like all epiphanies it takes serious concentration and then a complete letting go of any expectation. Macnab structures the book around a numerical theme, with chapters for each natural number Share your thoughts with other customers.

How will Decoding Design help designers in their everyday work? On the downside, vehicles for yet more copycat designs. Mavgie Jobs Firms Awards Conference e.