Two aspects of professional work create the special management challenges of the professional service firm. First, professional services involve a high degree. Managing The Professional Service Firm by David H. Maister – International expert and consultant David Maister offers a brilliant and accessible guide to every. Managing The Professional Service Firm has ratings and 48 reviews. Pavel said: Очень толковая книга. Будет полезно прочитать и тем, кто не работает .

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We now turn to Guru Associates’ position in the market for staff. While it may be able, through its promotion system, to ensure that the actual rate does not get too low, it may have to use other devices to ensure that the wervice turnover rate does not get too high through too many people quitting. Does a fantastic job articulating and clearly laying out frim I’ve learned the hard way, and introduced a number of concepts I plan on immediately applying to my work. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I will be picking it up again and again in the future as a reference book.

Review of Managing the Professional Services Firm by David Maister

It compares the employees at the firm to leverage with a company in a different industry. A must read for anyone in the profession.

Guru Associates currently has four seniors. While there is still a need to customize to some degree, the favid necessary to accomplish this are somewhat programmatic. It should be acknowledged, however, that there is another way of looking at the relationship between these variables.

Review of Managing the Professional Services Firm by David Maister | Darrell Norton

It is an excelent book, and after reading it, you serviice need prfessional more than tha This is an excelent book for anyone effectively running or working or even considering hiring a professional services firm. Jan 28, Sean added it.


We would then have discovered that we could afford to promote only four out of five juniors and one out of two managers. Professional firms differ from other business enterprises in two distinct ways: Why is this so?

Nov 22, Kevin Gross rated it it was amazing. The knowledge, expertise, and basic approaches to the problem that have already been developed often through a significant personal and financial investment can be capitalized upon by bringing them to bear on a similar or related problem.

However, it is usually a simple task in any profession to identify types of problems that fit these categories.

Clear, practical advice along with alternatives and tradeoffs. While these issues can be complex, Maister simplifies them by recognising that ‘every professional service firm in the world, regardless of size, specific profession, or country of operation, has maisfer same mission statement: We now have fifteen juniors left. This was one of best business management books I have ever read so far.

And if you hire consulting firms, this certainly offers a lot of insight xervice the consulting industry. An investment banking firm discovered that, over a period of years, it had so increased the range of analyses and services it provided in advising its clients that it, too, needed more juniors on each project.

Jul 29, Richard Podsada rated it really liked it. Consider what will happen if a firm brings in a mix of client work such that its “proper” staffing requirements would be for a slightly higher mix of juniors, and a lesser mix of seniors than it has i.

Highly recommended to anyone with leadership responsibility dirm professional services. What this simple example shows is that there is no necessary relationship between growth and profits. Innovation in Professional Services. Consider three kinds of client work: What a buyer looks for in a service provider?

Maister devotes a number of chapters to the care, feeding, and growth of a consulting firm, describing the seemingly difficult trade-offs to be made between the long term health and growth of skills, people, market offer versus near term sales and revenue. Published June 9th by Free Press first published Competition in the market for the firm’s services will, over time, require the firm to seek out lower costs for projects of a particular type, and there will often be opportunities for an increasing proportion of juniors to be used on projects that, in the past, required a high proportion of senior time.


Managing The Professional Service Firm by David H. Maister

Responsibility for the organization’s three primary tasks is allocated to these three levels of the organization: Successfully integrating this new project team structure required major changes in all of the professinoal administrative procedures, particularly its human resource and professional development activities. To see the importance of this factor, we shall briefly examine, in turn, its relation to the three goals of the firm.

Jul 16, Rodrigo rated it really liked it. Sevrice principles and approaches from the industrial or mass-consumer sectors, based as they are on the standardization, supervision, and marketing of repetitive tasks and products, are not only inapplicable in the professional sector but may be dangerously wrong. A Service Quality Program. The book is extremely structured. Marketing to Existing Clients. Each project requires percent of a middle-level person.

Managing The Professional Service Firm

The opposite problem is no less real. Management of a professional firm requires a delicate balancing act between the demands of the client marketplace, the realities of the people marketplace the market for staffand the firm’s economic ambitions.

Jan 06, Hugh Mason rated it really liked it Shelves: If Guru Associates is to abide by servicee promotion policies, then it can expect to promote 50 percent, i.