The latest Tweets from Dave Raggett (@draggett). I am a part of the W3C Team and the champion for the Web of Things. I have been involved with many core. Member of staff at W3C’s European host, Dave has long been involved with the development of Web technology standards. – draggett. Dave Raggett. Updated: 09/15/ by Computer Hope. Dave Raggett Name: Dave Raggett. Born: June 8,

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XForms builds on XML to transfer form data as structured data.

I have an enduring interest in the Web of Things, which seeks to apply web technologies to simplify the development of applications for the Internet of Things. Whilst CSS is perhaps easier for authors, an XML based representation for state machines is likely to provide greater flexibility, and this is now being pursued within the Voice Browser working group. My previous work on the Web has covered a wide variety of areas: I am particularly interested with the the concept of privacy providers as a new class of web services giving users life long control over their personal data.

The focus will be on connected TVs, This is my home page where you can learn about my interests, achievements and how to contact me.

Retrieved 21 July Here are some more details. Retrieved 2 March Data and data services are increasingly strategically important for businesses. Prior to joining Canon, I was employed by Openwave Systems where I worked on developing ideas for future products and coordinating their involvement in the World Raggeyt Web consortium W3C.

W3C is pleased to release a W3C study on practices and […] More…. I recently organized and chaired raggert W3C workshop on authoring see the associated W3C news item The workshop focused on how the use of declarative techniques that capture the application developer’s intentions, rather than the exact means for how to realize them, could reduce the costs and improve quality for developing and maintaining Web applications.

Dave Raggett’s Work at W3C

Addison Wesley Longman Limited. Views Read Edit View history. The market potential is currently held back by fragmentation in the communication technologies and a lack of shared approaches to services. My current roles are as follows:. I have also been working on broadening the Web to include all kinds of network appliances, whether in the home, office or on the move, and at the same time reducing the cost and complexities involved in developing Web applications through declarative languages that enable higher level authoring tools.


Retrieved 6 June In the next three years, he worked at Canon as a consultant working on driving the evolution of standards for multimodal interaction and other W3C technologies.

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I was a W3C Fellow from throughand have had a deep involvement with the development of key web standards sincee. XForms whilst rooted in forms, is also about the common building blocks for interactive Web applications.

This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat Raygett talk also describes my ideas for richer mechanisms to support distributed meetings, and for recording and playback of presentations along with the speaker’s voice building upon HTML Slidy. The Ubiquitous Web seeks to broaden the capabilities of browsers to enable new kinds of web applications, particularly those involving coordination with other devices.

My interest in multimodal interaction started years ago, and led to work within the Voice Browser activity and more recently to a new W3C Multimodal activity of which I am the W3C Activity Lead. My starting point has been the development of software for part of ragyett tagging and statistical natural language parsing.

Curriculum Vitae/Résumé for Dave Raggett

Some companies provide native applications that users can install on the smart phones, but this is not davve panacea. Statistical approaches offer a way out of the combinatorial explosion faced by AI, raghett I am excited by work in cognitive science on relevancy theory and the potential for applying statistical learning techniques to semantics, learning on the fly or from tagged corpora.

I organized and chaired a W3C workshop on the Ubiquitous Web in Tokyo on March as a means to share use cases, research results, and implementation experience. I have helped to drive W3C’s work on context awareness for web applications, initially in the Multimodal Interaction working group and later in the Device Independence working group now replaced by the Ubiquitous Web Applications working group. Retrieved 29 September The approach also offers single-signon and opportunities for supporting micropayments as value added features for participating websites.

From toRaggett worked at Volantis dvae a principal researcher working on standards and related proof of concept implementations, focusing on standards work on the Ubiquitous Web.

Voice interaction allows browsers to shrink in size as you no longer need the rxggett space for a high resolution display. I have managed a number of Summer jobs for students with projects ranging from math on the Web, embedded browsers, voice browsers, and unified messaging.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons. There is widespread agreement on the huge potential for exploiting connected sensors and actuators, but such devices vary considerably in their capabilities and communication technologies. Raggett on HTML 4. This raggeyt to the setting up of a Voice Browser faggett and a working group to develop related standards. More eave, I have begun to study daggett for the use of natural language in multimodal systems, based upon event driven nested state machines, and inspired by David Harel ‘s work on State Charts.

I have worked on solutions for adding speech capabilities to Web browsers with the support of Loquendo. I have participated in a number of European research projects: Most recently, I have been working on a cross browser library with a view to enabling the use of Web browsers for editing the W3C site, and a model-based user interface editor named “Quill” for Serenoa that runs in the browser together with a cloud-based rule engine.

This allows content providers to plug in different user interfaces as befits different devices, for example, voice browsers, cell raggtt, palm-tops, television and desktop machines. Openwave had experience with VoiceXML for unified messaging. W3C invites you to participate in the Web payment workshop in Paris on March Max Froumentin and I, explored this in some ideas for extending CSS to describe interaction based upon the idea of text as an abstract modality.

He was convinced that hypertext Web pages could be much more exciting, like magazine pages rather than textbook rave, and that HTML could be used to position not just text on a page but pictures, tables, and other features. Meanwhile, China plans to boost its trillion dollar digital economy to drive job creation in […] More…. This would have huge benefits, ragegtt instance, much smarter ways of searching for information, and more flexible user interfaces to applications.