Find great deals for Datron DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter – Faulty. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator .. The from Wavetek/Datron is a high performance, 8½ digit bench top multimeter. It can measure direct voltage. Datron repair. «on: January 26, , am». Hey. «Last Edit: February 02, , am by whatamidoing». Logged.

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No issues were noted with the Ohms assy.

Wavetek/Datron 1281 8½ Digit Digital Multimeter

The old lead was left on the part and the new lead was soldered next to it. Datron Calibration and service manual with schematics, Volume 2.

Other repairs The lithium battery was not replaced. Model using two identical Linear LTZ based modules, labeled Datronwith custom hermetically sealed Vishay metal foil resistor network, while Model using LTZ module and Adtron module to save cost. This series error usually means bad communication with one of option boards.

While testing optocouplers with second Datronit was noticed that error codes were different on second meter if optocouplers were 12811 out of circuit. This board features same jump-wired reworks and patches on bottom side: Might be worthy to take a note of cable locations before removing PCBA: Service manual decode message for states: Looks at all those transformers!

  CP X809 PDF

The original three errors were gone, but a new error had been added from the AC assy. Initial inspection and basic disassembly Sample photos: Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service.

Low Thermal | Repair | Wavetek/Datron

Front panel No issues with front panel or display. Repair workflow, unit 1 Unit was received as advertised. Repair procedure is very similar to previous box. It is also separated between the full or fast self-test. To avoid issues with battery, simple FRAM adapter board was designed and manufactured.

Happy meters now ready for calibration: However, after closer inspection, it was discovered that a couple of parts had been replaced sometime back in The serial number was still correct as was the line frequency, as expected. Good rule of thumb is to replace all batteries if instrument is older than adtron years. Option 30 — Current Converter The Current assy was installed in the previous and a fast self-test was performed without errors. Neither boards have any REV markings on the top, but might be located on the bottom side.

Dayron is the same make as the first but an adapter board had been designed with FRAM so it was going to be installed in this meter first after it has been tested. Decision to make this article public was done to aid other owners of these precision multimeters from Datron. It was chosen to repair last repair due to the number of errors. If you do have any questions, jump in comments!


Test Instructions These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals.

Mains filter have soldered earth, just like in case with HP A. It is still older version of Modelstill carry Datron Instruments logo, not Wavetek-Datron like on newer meters. Patent data Secondary outputs of this low voltage transformer are rectified and regulated with usual LDO s to dafron clean analog supply voltages. Datron and are the using unusual arrangmenet for main voltage reference. After disconnecting lots of cables and wires, main DC board was released and removed.

After going over all cable connections nothing obvious was found. Datron and lesser brother using interesting arrangement for primary power supply with two big toroidal transformers. It looked good with the input shorted, however the OHM s readings were open.