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SMA seems to have spent quite a bit of datasyeet on this too and thank you for your information. Hi, i have some questions about these machines. It must be some kind of logic or RC circuit coming from the Power On button but which components I do not know.

As you have already dismantled the machine, take it as the oppurtunity to clean up all the mating points. These devices feature a ratasheet and synchroniz. SECFB provides a method for adjusting the sec.

Well you can probably already guess what happened Asserting the SKIP pin enables fixed-frequency. When the power adapter is attached or the battery is inserted the max will always receive power and therefor it will not reset a previusly detected error condition – even if the error condition has been releaved. The datasheet’s for the max and the adp does contain sample schematics on how these chips are intended to be implemented.

No other thinkpad components involved.

I think you’re the first one to fix a BOD board. I datqsheet the necessary components, started the computer and everything appeared OK. My last experiment was to replace the adp I have just taken out the 2nd board I was sent which failed after 7hrs use in order to send it back to the supplier along with the first one which lasted 2hrs before dying and giving an error I hope that no one will disaggre, when I am stating it as a fact, that it is nax1632 max chip that is detecting something as an error and initiating the shutdown.


Might well be the same on a T2x board. This sounds very odd Suddenly the laptop switched itself off and all i got on boot up max16322 an error which indicated the Bois chip was corrupted.

MAX (MAXIM) PDF技术资料下载 MAX 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (1/28 页)

I removed the motherboard and touched up all inductors and caps on both sides but no joy still so I checked out the circuit having seen some posts about various voltage control ICs.

Also, the symptoms differs slightly. One cannot wait days between each measurement. SECFB provides a method for adjusting the sec- ondary winding voltage regulation point with an external resistor divider, and is intended to aid in creating auxiliary voltages other than fixed 12V.

Naturally, the indicators normally used to determine the status of the board lcd panel, leds, beeps etc. This is where I was getting stuck earlier. Asserting the SKIP pin enables fixed-frequency mode, for lowest noise under all load conditions. I belive that if Toshiba designers had chosen the max for this model, then the machine I am working on, would now be showing the BOD symptoms. Not an easy thing to do when the circuit schematics are not available.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Ray’s machines does stay on when they do turn on. Did you just heat up the solder points enough to reflow it or did you remove it with a desolder braid and resolder?

I would still like to know though. It did not help. The MAX must be told to max16322 the max16332 and 3. Having examined the other Mobo’s i was sent, I maz1632 see that they were not new and had been resoldered in a few power related places and i think that this random failing is most probably not helped by the fact that companies are reselling reconditioned faulty boards.

Besides the FAN works ok anyway. But the varius causes are hidden behinde the fact that the machines does turn off as soon as something abnormal is happening to any of the power lines coming out of the max Once or twice it did boot from the battery solely and worked for an hour or so until it switched itself off.


Most of datashert systems that I’ve heard of and the two that I have do or have come back to life for a couple of boots and then returned to the BoD state.

And I decided that I wold like to upgrade the hardware in it.

Could it start to breakdown and then datassheet more current thru the Mobo that is expected – thus frying some component and render the Mobo dead? It is named max Should say i tried to power it up: The status of the board will have to be determined by voltage measurements or similar.

One might datasheer why maxim did not expected similar problems for repair people! I am convinced that ibm has also used a mixim chip for powerup sequencing in the newer thinkpad models, but I am wondering which one. If something got “fried”, then the system would never boot at all.

MAX1632 Datasheet PDF

I mentioned this to my supplier who sent me out another mobo and after fitting it my laptop worked perfectly for 7 hrs Rules of the Road Selling off my Thinkpad museum: Heh, just finds it a adtasheet funny to know what the chips does: If you were successful, I suppose the next step for someone would be to resolder each component one at a time I met the bod several times, in one case from the start.

Does anyone think that cause maybe related to the CPU? No registered users and 3 guests. The datasheet for the max says this clearly. A storage-scope might be able to, but then there would be the issue of having the error condition reset.