The Hamzanama was one of the earliest important commissions by the third Mughal emperor Akbar (r–). It tells the story of the adventures of Amir H. No one really knows where the Dastan e Amir Hamza came from, or when. One version of its origin story claims that the hero Amir Hamza was. 6 Dastan-e-ameerHamzaBook07ShehzadaSheharYaar Dastan – e – Ameer Hamza URDU Identifier Dastan-E-AmeerHamzaUrdu.

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Russell, Ralph and Khurshidul Islam.

Dastan-e Amir Hamza in text and performance | shaheen Saba –

It reached the court of Emperor Akbar, far into the North, by The Ozidi Saga from Africa is introduced as having no fixed text. Tilism-e Naukhez-e Jamshedi vol. Mohammad Wasim its available at amazon. Shahnamah found expression as an oral narrative which is narrated and performed by a storyteller or a Naqqal Naqqal tells as dsatan as performs the story.

The role of the audience is to listen and relish these stories with Wah!

Something of a revival of oral dastan-go’i is also now taking place, based on the performances of Mahmood Farooqui, Danish Husain, and their troupe sometimes including Naseeruddin Shah. It was a fanciful journey in my childhood. These narratives have long existed in the Islamic world. The dastan storytelling tradition amr Amir Hamza persists far and wide up to Bengal and Arakan Burmaas the Mughals controlled those territories.

It describes the chivalries of Amir Hamzah, the uncle of our prophet Mahomed, and the practical tricks of his friend Amar.


A page of the Dastan-i Amir Hamza (Hamzanama)

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hamzanama. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Asif Qazi rated it really liked it Oct 18, This phenomenon explains how most of the earlier dastan became extinct and all that has been passed on to us through the written word in Urdu dastab translations of stories from other language, with interpolations, variations and enlargements.

He embraced Islam two years after the first revelation. But it will be difficult to prove who has borrowed from whom. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The best thing that happened in my childhood.

Currently it is narrated orally by dastangos like Mahmud Faruqui and Danish Hasan fascinating us every time. Talking in the Indian context Indra Nath Choudhuri holds myth to be associated with puranas: Brown also remarks that Faizi can be dismissed as the writer of Dastan-e Amir Hamza because he was born in hijri.

Dastan – e – Ameer Hamza URDU

Shamsur Rahman Faruqi comments in a review: Only a d over a hundred hmaza the paintings survive. Tehran coffee-houses held the performances of Hamza story till the twentieth century. Dastan-e Amir Hamza in text and performance. Farooqi has done this translation from theGhalib Lakhnavi and Abdullah Bilgrami version published by Munshi Naval Kishore press.

Tilism-e Hoshruba is the most popular amongst the Dastan-e Amir Hamza series and comprises the fifth book.

Dastan – e – Ameer Hamza URDU : URDUSTAN : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Unlike any avant-garde movements or periods in literature, Dastan-e Amir Hamza is singularly exclusive mode uamza narration. And as Hamid Dabashi remarks in the introduction to The Adventures of Amir Hamza that this royal background is fissured by intervening factors such as the tribal and rebellious origins of Hamza is balanced by the royal and sedentary court of Sassanids.


Faced with neglect and systematic devaluation we now have very scanty evidence for the way datan which these Dastans were compiled and performed. The Adventures of Amir Hamza. Lakhnavi, Ghalib Abdullah, et al. Khuda Baksh Library, In written form too, one translation of Tilism-e oshruba volume 1 has also been published, and another translation condensed from the whole Tilism-e hoshruba. This work spreads over hundred pages in twelve books.

Each section contains a main story, called the frame story which in turn contains several stories emboxed in it, as one character narrates a story to another. Oxford University Press, On a full moon night people gathered on the sand after dinner to listen to these stories. Feb 09, Adnan added it. Hamza had the reputation of being the strongest man of the tribe of Banu Hashim and fiercely protected his nephew against his enemies from the tribe of Quraish.

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It was written something over two hundred years ago, but it is still famous and always will be. In the absence of manuscripts and records we do not have many dates.