Daemonhunters are a branch of the Imperium’s Inquisition taken down, presumably the only reason the Daemonhunters Codex hasn’t been. GW have added as statement to their website today 30 June regarding the ( Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters) Codex pdfs. As this. Find great deals for Codex Daemonhunters 3rd Edition Warhammer 40k Games Workshop. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Daemonhunters are a branch of the Imperium’s Faemonhunter specifically for hunting the manifestations of the Warp. These are further divided into Inquisitors and a special form of Space Marines known as the Grey Knights.

The Inquisitors can be found surrounded by many different branches of the Imperium’s Militant forces due to their ability to call on local governance for support. Malleus Inquisitors are probably the oldest ordo of the Inquisition, since the original purpose of the Inquisition was to root out and destroy Chaos. They work with daemonhunnter Ordo Hereticus regularly, where the Witch Hunters deal with heresyand the Daemonhunters deal with Chaoswhich most of the time ends up being one and the same in most cases where somebody rebels against daemonhubter Imperium, and then starts summoning daemons.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Daemonhunters

The Daemonhunters were created right after the Horus Heresy by the decree of the Emperor, acting as a special force of men to fight against Chaos now that it was all out in the open. The Grey Knights were to be the muscle power behind the Inquisitors who were the brains of the operation.

Due to the nature of the foe they fight, the Malleus must be hard bastards totally pure of temptations and sins. Even so most of them slowly go off the rails from all that insanity and most develop mental problems.


A great deal of the Malleus’s efforts are focused around active chaos regions such as the Eye of Terror and the Maelstorm but they can be fast deployed anywhere where Chaos springs up across the galaxy. Nobody outside of the inquisition daemonhuntr about this ordo or at least its true mission minus a few Space Marine Chapter Masters and the High Lords. This allows the Daemonhunters to be one step ahead of Chaos whenever it pokes its ugly head out.

However, this also makes this Ordo the darkest as well. To the people outside of the inquisition, they only know of the Ordo Malleus as the Inquisitors who monitor the other Inquisition Ordos, masking its true mission from the wider imperium.

When someone not important finds out about the Malleus’s Secret Weapon, read: Grey Knightsthey can be subject to execution to prevent the spread of the Grey Knights’ existence. It really only happens often when someone discovers the Grey Knights, considering that Cadiayou know, fights Chaos on a regular basis and its main export is soldiers that go all over the wider Imperium, so it dwemonhunter be ridiculous not to mention be incredibly wasteful to destroy all that manpower.

The Inquisitor in charge, deciding not to risk the existence of the Grey Knights to the wider imperial folk decided to sterilize and inter the survivors of the war into work camps in the wider Imperium. This pissed off the Space Wolves to no end, starting a mini civil war within the Imperium. The Inquisition, as a result, keeps an arms length away from Fenris at all times.


Vraks is another daemonhuntsr that involved the Ordo Malleus.

Basically an Ecclesiarchal cardinal named Xaphan and his assistant Deacon Mamon decided to raise a crusade in the Emperor’s name. This obviously violated the Decree Passive and drew daemohnunter attention of the Ordo Hereticus.

Review: Codex Daemonhunters download pdf | The Dark Fortress

They sent a Vindicare to take care of him, but his rosarius protected him from the shot. He used the assassination attempt to state that traitors and heretics tried to ursurp him, causing Vraks to rebel from the Imperium. This wouldn’t usually cause much of a problem except for the fact that Vraks was a Munitions world used to supply Cadia.

It drew the Hereticus even further as well as the Codrx Korps damonhunter Krieg. Things escalated even further when the previously mentioned Deacon Mamon turned out to be an Alpha Legion spy who called backup in the form of the World Eatersthe Death Guardand Chaos Titan Legions. However, the munitions were used up in the war, as well as the planet being corrupted by the influences of Khorne and Nurgleso it was placed under Malleus Quarantine. Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad here, right now: Retrieved from ” https: Warhammer 40, Imperial Inquisition Pages with broken file links.

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