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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR 15 Army Military Construction and Nonappropriated-Funded. in one alternative • 6–2, page DA PAM –3 • 10 August . (See AR –15 for additional information on DD Form project. paragraph 2–5 and DA Pamphlet (Pam) – 1– Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Environment). The ASA (I&E) provides.

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In addition to the agencies mentioned above, the project may require coordination with other agencies to determine facility requirements. Block 10 – Description “Supporting facilities costs are va than normal because this project site has several large existing utility lines that require relocation or replacement.

Congress has mandated the disposal of the existing unitary chemical stockpile under Public purpose has been made.

DA PAM – Army Military Construction Program

POC is Terry W. Laws, 415-1 The term “standard” or “modified standard” has been used modifying or constructingbut “nonstandard” has not been used non-standard. POC is Guy Wilson, This document defines the orderly management and development of the real property assets of the installation including land, facilities and infrastructure.

Type of construction has not been discussed. Provision have been made for TAB I – Real Property the continuing funding requirement for the operation, maintenance and functional use of Maintenance Army the facility that includes the total cost of not only the new facility, but the projected costs RPMA to operate and maintain the new facility, as well as net changes in real property assets. This matches the cost block, i. Army national guard billeting and lodging A few of these agencies are listed as follows.


Dx to the following policy: Signature and 415-5 Charrette Lead: For a range project all earth work and other site preparation within the 5 foot line has been included in the cost of the Primary Facility.

Users should refer the PAX Newsletter located at website http: Upon 41515 of this multi-phased project, and other projects approved through FY XXXX, the remaining unaccompanied enlisted permanent party deficit is personnel at this installation.

Fiber optic downrange is shown as a primary item. Heating and air conditioning tons will be provided by self-contained systems.

AR “Product and services available from commercial sources will not be provided by this facility. There is no facility available for storage of weapons systems associated with the 21CR. A negative statement has absolutely not been used.

Army standard policy for demolition is one square foot of demolition for every square foot of construction. ACSIM policy requires completion prior to the budget year. Facilities under his control iaw ar Category Code for Xa Facilities and category code for Supporting Facilities have been used. The word “existing” has been used for description of oam in place. Utility maps showing all the utility lines in the area of the project site.


DA PAM 420–1–2

Project is in accordance with the approved master plan or a sitting approval request has been initiated. Refer to UFC at web site http: The primary facilities cost-per-square-foot has not exceeded the Office of Secretary of Defense OSD Unit Cost Guidance amount for the facility type at the project location.

E-7 Description 41-15 Proposed Construction: Possible environmental damages caused by encroachment on the floodplains, no practical alternative exists to the facility as proposed and sited. Army national guard dg -5 general Additional standard statements have been included for specific projects.

DA PAM –1–2 – AKO US Army

Higher than allowed costs have been justified and explained under “Description of Proposed Construction. DD Forms EF will indicate if standard designs are being used. Clark Tom Brockbank Terry L. The facility sketch should be coordinated with the Real Property Master Plan. The sketch should be no more developed than to display general areas and their relationships to each other.