Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. This is a D20 Modern day campaign for shadow chasers. was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. Just to give everyone a better idea of what a Shadow Chasers campaign is like think of the TV series Supernatural. This is a group that is going.

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I pay use made-up names, or name them after famous people Well, judging from the recent makeover of the Charismatic Hero class in Wizards’ d20 Modern web site www.

Shadow Chasers | Setting | RPGGeek

Class features are a mixed bag. Now, since we didn’t get past first level, it might be that later class features make up for the pitiful beginnings the Fast Hero does get Uncanny Dodge and Evasion as they advancebut s20 seems to me that this class was designed more for other characters to multi into in order to reap some benefits, but not one to take starting at 1st level.

The group was able to escape with an acquaintance that was celebrating a new job with friends and another one of Sams operatives who is no stranger to the world of shadow Cooper and Shun if memory serves.

Is it a sandbox world or are there modules? Each can make claim shadoe a fine bottle chaseers wine, some Cuban cigars, and some very nice clothes before the police show up. These heroes are brawny, and they greatly favor melee combat.

In Thunderball Mkdernthe player characters portray one of the crews in the largest, most lucrative, most illegal crosscountry road race in America. Allen was contacted by a new “Free Agent” looking for another Shadow Chaser team. In this setting, dragons rule the boardrooms and bugbears rule the streets. Someone used mind controlled law enforcement officers along with some infernal assassins to attack the bar.


No Goblins Allowed

Now I know I can’t totally avoid that, and sometimes it’s fun, but I was hoping to get more of a Supernatural-style mystery thing going. I’m glad to be alive.

Are you looking to DM the game? Sun Mar 30, 7: I won’t be including psionics, and the magic use will be strictly limited to scrolls, the occasional item, and incantations.

The group found a scroll of some sort and a large black pearl on the dead cult leader. Monsters prey upon the weak, the innocent, and the lost. Somewhere deep inside, you’ve always known it.

Last time I ran it, it went a bit more hack ‘n slash identify the monster, find its weakness, kill it than I had hoped.

The setting will be the PCs’ hometown. Your Brains” by Jonathan Coulton. Hey all, Thought there might be some good ideas on here as I have been having troubles with a new campaign I’m looking to run with my group. When they went through themselves they found Jason fighting some sort of elemental.

Scene 2 – The police’s investigation is going nowhere.

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At this point the cavalry arrived in the form of Anistasia, Allen, George, and a rather ravenous Jason. Looking to see if there’s any interest in playing a d20 Modern game, would be low magic, humans only starting at level one. Even chazers it’s used, it’s not guaranteed to make a difference anyway, and once it’s used, the character has nothing to fall back on–he’s got the fewest skill points, the lowest saves, the lowest defense, and a BAB no better than anyone else’s.

After dispatching most of the followers in the ruined lobby with mocern, bites, sadow bravado the group decided to head downstairs and put an end to the DRG plot. When he enters the room, he sees his sister pinned to the wall with an assortment of knives, and a dark shadowy figure leaping out through the second floor window.


It uses concepts from the core d20 Modern RPG rules and the Urban Arcana and d20 Menace Manual sourcebooks, which are also recommended for use to get the most from the setting. Please read the rules wiki page for a more detailed shaddow of each rule.

(D20 Modern/Shadow Chasers) The Fast Hero got the shaft!

Thus, the advanced classes might be tougher to acquire or won’t be available. Adventures 6 and 7 Department 7 decided to send in agent Anistasia after the rather disconcerting call from Jason where he implicated the group in various crimes.

Sunday, 17th February, Cooper was quickly introduced to the less than subtle ways of Department 7 when it comes to talking about such incidents. Join Date Jan Posts These would be characters that just recently have discovered that monsters exist, so they need to know how to fight them.

Soda on July 22, The group actually made rather short work of the creepy over sized spiders and the swarms crawling all over them due to a combination of poor rolls and a decidedly piss poor understanding of automatic firearm capabilities from a mysterious entity known as the Dumbass Moron or DM for short.

You can read the official report and my unintentional comments in the main Journal.