Year: I Semester: Subject Code/Name:CS – Data Structures and Algorithm Regulation: / Type: Question Paper Content. UNIT I COMPLEXITY ANALYSIS & ELEMENTARY DATA STRUCTURES 9. Asymptotic notations – Properties of big oh notation – asymptotic notation with. CS Data Structures and algorithms January Question paper | Anna University – M.E Computer Science and Engineering Question Paper – 1st.

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Tableadd functions contain this Concise Notes on Data. To help them develop their soft skills and interpersonal skills, which will make the transition from college to workplace smoother and help them excel in their jobs.

Data Structures Algorithms i About the Tutorial Data Structures are the programmatic way of storing data so that data can be used efficiently Associated with many of daha topics are a collection of notes”pdf”.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Development of Web Services.

Cs9212 data structures and algorithms notes pdf

Design of Schmitt trigger, hysterisis 8. Tech Programmes AIM To facilitate the understanding of the principles and to cultivate the art of formulating physical problems in the language of mathematics.


Data StructuresAlg orith ms. Design of LC Oscillators 4. Murdocca and Stguctures P. Vinod Kumar Garg and N. Design of Astable Multivibrator 6.

Cs9212 data structures and algorithms 2 marks

Queue ADT — Array and linked list implementations 9. Pipelining — Basic concepts — Hazards — Implementation — Multicycle operations. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Examples — Analysis of series — shunt feedback amplifiers alogrithms stability problem — Frequency compensation. Frequency response of CS Amplifiers 5. CC Amplifier – buffer 4. NET stryctures Grid computing on Mobile devices. Gonzalez and Richard E. Longman and Sava V. Simulation of Email and File Transfer Protocols. UNIT IV LEARNING 9 Learning from observations — forms of learning — Inductive learning – Learning decision trees — Ensemble learning — Knowledge in learning — Logical formulation of learning — Explanation based learning — Learning using relevant information — Inductive logic programming – Statistical learning methods — Learning with complete data — Learning with hidden variable — EM algorithm — Instance based learning — Neural networks — Reinforcement learning — Passive reinforcement learning — Active dwta learning — Generalization in reinforcement learning.


Andrew N Sloss, D.

Anna University Study Materials: CS DATA STRUCTURES AND ALGORITHMS Question Paper

Coiling dragon book names. Load Test on Single-Phase Transformer 9. Development of E-Business Application. Bell, Solid state pulse circuits, Prentice Hall of India, Daniel Jurafsky and James H. Simulation of Sliding Window Protocol 3. Methods of starting of synchronous motors — torque equation — V curves — synchronous condensers.

Study of Network Simulator Packages — such as opnet, ns2, etc. Source code generators 5. Frequency structurew of CB amplifier 3. Lecture Notes 1 Dept.

Properties of the Real Numbers. Design of RC Oscillators 3. Students participate in Mock Interviews 6 Total: Merril publishing company, Jain R. Class A and Class B power amplifiers. Differential Amplifiers- Transfer characterisitic. Students make presentations on given topics.