CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING. YEAR & SEM: IV & VII Jochen Burkhardt, Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile. Internet Applications .. Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4. Discuss about. The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Mobile And Pervasive Computing (Subject Code: CS) is made available. CSMOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING 4) Explain the various applications of mobile computing. . Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4.

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What are the effects of multipath propagation?

List the advantages and disadvantages of mobile TCP? Three digital speech channels can be supported simultaneously.

What is the function of operation subsystem OSS? A GSM system consists of three subsystems. Permanent connection during application use. The integrating of devices are device- to-device or device-to-server protocol.

What are the types of protocols used in Device Connectivity? Explain the different approaches available for IPv6 to support comptuing.

What are the states a Bluetooth device can go for save battery power? FEC adds redundancy to user data, thus allowing for the detection and correction of selected errors.



To locate an MS and to address the MS, the following numbers are needed. Briefly discuss about WAP.

What are the factors to be considered for device management to incorporate with software? Signal degradations due to multipath are fading and delay spread. Explain the services offered by WSP. The three pervasice have been specified to provide security services in GSM are.

Scatternet is a number of interconnected piconets that c2s402 communication between more than 8 devices. What is meant by pervasive computing? This field represents a counter that shows the number of allowed recursive encapsulation. Compare the different types of transmission errors that can occur in wireless and wired networks.

Where the WiMAX application is useful? A burst error of length B is a contiguous sequence of B bits in which the first and last bits and any number of intermediate bits are received in error. The key distinguishing feature of DSR is the use of source routing. Explain its architectural components. Thus the spreading sequences of the different users are not orthogonal and there is some level of cross correlation.


All user-related data is encrypted. What are the disadvantages of selective retransmission approach? Within the home network no mobile IP support is needed.

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The main nptes features offered by Bluetooth include a. Distinguish between mobile terminated call and mobile originated call. What are the main security features offered by Bluetooth? Mention any 2 salient features of WAP. Lifetime denotes the length of time the advertisement is valid. Polling is a strictly centralized scheme with one master station and several Slave station.

The object is a sequence of header.

The various components of WAP are:. Discuss about tunneling and encapsulation mechanism and reverse tunneling. Additionally, the mobility binding contains the lifetime of the registration which is negotiated during the registration process. What is burst and burst error? What are the features contained in Smart card?