Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Bernays Edward ioned. Few books have been as quietly powerful as Edward L. Bernays’s Crystallizing Public Opinion. First published in , it is a groundbreaking and, as history has .

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Griffith rated it it was amazing. Educated people can display this mentality just as the ignorant can. Indispensible material for anyone who studies the subject.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He gives examples from his early career and cites ideas from theorists including Walter Lippmann and Wilfred Trotter. This is a fairly horrifying manifesto, penned by the “father of public relations” who in the early- to midth century took the theories of his uncle Sigmund Freud and married them ;ublic both rhetoric and the logic of capitalism to invent a whole new occupation.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Crystallizing Public Opinion appeared the year after Lippmann’s Public Opinion and can be construed as an application crystwllizing Lippman’s principles to the active manipulation of public opinion. This is a necessity in communicating organizational change, for instance, a task I am now taking on.

Without doubt, Bernays’ principles can beenays successfully applied to the present day reality with obvious implicit considerations to technological advancements that transformed the scene of advertising marketing even more. Mihai Zodian rated it crystalluzing was ok Oct 19, It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind. Bernays quotes Trotter stating that herd mentality affects people all the time, not only when they are part of an edwad mob in the street.

The definition of “news” is not settled and varies from newspaper to newspaper. I found it refreshing to read a book on the public relations discipline without encountering the usual current day business-speak and references to social media, though the striking relevance of the subject matter to the web, email, corporate intranets, hour television news networks, and satellite broadcasting is clear.

Book Review: Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward Bernays | D.T. Griffith

Bernays shares with us a wealth of knowledge about his life’s work. You’ll be as mad as I was realizing ppinion easily swayed we are.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. If you are already familiar with this ecosystem and possible channels, then this is not a book for you. Nice read with a bunch of historical examples.

Nov 10, Dan rated it liked it. Lippmann’s books were filled with intricate ruminations on the processes of human epistemology and theoretical speculations on how these processes might pertain to the project of molding public opinion.

Bernays continues his discussion of news and observes that journalists see public relations practitioners as important sources of newsworthy information. The other theory is that people are malleable and can be made to think whatever you want them to. Each one of us in his opinions and conduct, in matters of amusement, religion, and politics, is compelled to obtain the support of a class, of a herd within the herd.

This is why I give this book 5 stars. I don’t know if I hate this book so much because I had to read it for a class within a two day period, it proba 1. Laura rated it really liked it Dec 29, Defending the role of the public relations counsel as a “special pleader”, Bernays writes that the viewpoints which he fosters are not necessarily worse than those he would discourage.

Here is a quote from the introduction about Bernays: I find that there have been minimal societal and cultural changes, since when Edward Bernays published Crystallizing Public Opinion.

Especially interested in public opinion are those companies—the pubkic utilities —which especially are supposed to serve the public. Future senator Ernest Grueningin a review called “Higher Hokum”, asked whether persuading the public was much preferable to corralling them by heavier-handed means the “public be damned” approach —whether the end result would “be greatly different for the public which, while it no longer tolerates being ‘damned,’ guilelessly permits itself to be ‘bunked’?

Bernays does have a book called “Propaganda” which I haven’t read, but this book wasn’t at all what I initially thought it would be. Most of the book made little sense, and after you read the first 20 pages you can put the book down because the rest just keeps repeating itself.

I have 5 stars because it was direct and to the point.


Highlighting the correct group identity for the purpose at hand is much more effective than trying to change the stance of an individual group. The public relations counsel must lift startling facts from his whole subject and present them as news. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Professor Sue Curry Jansen argues that Bernays distorted Lippman’s work and that public crystsllizing historians such as Stuart Ewen and Larry Tye have uncritically recapitulated Bernays on this point. Sonal Panse rated it it was amazing Dec 28, This difficulty is further emphasized by the fact that often these crowds live in different traditional, moral and spiritual worlds.

Bernays’ main point, at least it seemed to me, was the idea that the PR professional needs to “create news” to get people talking about whatever it is his client wants to sell or promote.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Ig Publishing

He says that the truth lies between the two theories and that the PR professional’s main value to his client is to figure out how to make the message appealing to all types of people. It is a domination based on the one hand upon bfrnays unity, and on the other hand upon the fact that opposition is generally characterized by a high degree of disunity.

Modern America’s size and heterogeneity “make it necessary to-day for the proponent of a point of view to engage an expert to represent him before society, an expert who must know how to reach groups totally dissimilar as to ideals, customs, and even language.

This page was last edited on 31 Julyat Quotes from Crystallizing Pub This book is an important read for every independent thinker; it is good to consider how the masses are swayed; this book is as relevant today as crysstallizing was in — the evolution of technology may have changed but the basic mechanisms edwarf. The symbiotic relationship that the public has with the content provider, or organization, was of particular interest to me.

The book is about directing public opinion in a positive way using the means edawrd.