Solution manual chemical reaction engineering, 3rd edition Octave to All Odd-Numbered Problems OCTAVE LEVENSPIEL Chemical. Octave Levenspiel was a professor of chemical engineering at Oregon State University. His principal interest was chemical reaction engineering, and he was the. I knew Polish architect Abraham Levenspiel and Professor Octave Levenspiel by . Since this time, I have been teaching CRE at Ecole des Mines in Paris.

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Octave Levenspiel – A person no one will forget …

When he was 19 he sailed to California cer he earned a B. After 5 years of courtship he married Mary Jo Smiley in and over the next 6 years had three children, Bekki, Barney and Morris. When Bekki was 6 mo.

He began writing his pioneering book Chemical Reaction Engineering which was published in This book has become the core instructional tool for all Chemical Engineers world-wide.


It has been cited more than 11, times and has been translated into more languages than any other volume in the literature of chemical engineering.

In when Tavy 35 he was diagnosed with Lympho-sarcoma ce and was told he had a year to live. Well, he proved the doctors wrong. Instead, he took the family to England for a year sabbatical in Cambridge.

Throughout his career he was a guest lecturer in almost every country that had a Chemical Engineering program.

Tributes – Octave Levenspiel

He and Mary Levensplel traveled around levennspiel world twice on year-long sabbaticals with him lecturing and visiting Chemical Engineering departments. In Tavy gathered all his notes and miscellaneous musings and self-published Rambling Through Science and Technologya fun book he was constantly editing and adding new ideas to.

The last book he wrote was inTracer Technology. Shortly after that he and Mary Jo moved to a retirement community in Portland. Octave had a remarkable life influencing and teaching hundreds of students world-wide.


His grandsons loved the way he wrestled with them, teased them, and constantly challenged them to figure out a puzzle. Octave outlived his multiple cancers and all his beloved dogs. He lived a full, productive and unique life and he will be remembered fondly by thousands of his students and friends worldwide. A lectureship fund has been established in honor of Octave. Party for new NAE inductee.