closing pages of A Life Decoded, to investigate the genomes of the atmosphere .. Craig Venter, based on my DNA, will continue to be made long after life has. One look at the cover of A life decoded by J. Craig Venter and you know you are not looking at a run-of-the-mill scientist’s biography. Venter’s. J. Craig Venter raced the government to decode a human genome. image enough to begin his memoir, “A Life Decoded,” by describing how.

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Interesting book, an autobiography of a good scientist who was inadequate in highschool but who eventually made it to the top of the hierarchy in the scientific community.

A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life

And after going over his own personal history and that of the HGP, Venter gives us some speculation on the future of genetic research. This book proves to be an eye opener in a aa that it changes the way we view scientists.

This book probably would have gotten 4 or 5 stars from anyone with the slightest science background. He is more guarded on genetics and intellectual ability in the book, but it is now clear what he means when he writes “There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically.

Scientific Heaven Bureaucratic Hell. First few pages really demonstrate how nature and nurture together sculpt the personality. Having warned you that this ,ife might have made former North Korean leader and personality cult decoder Kim Il-sung nervous about its immodesty, I need to disclose that I have known Craig Venter for about ten years, served on the advisory board of Celera founded by Venterand have gotten into a number of fights with him over policy decisions about the samples used to map the human genome, the creation liife synthetic life, and the wisdom of publishing the genomes veenter various nasty microbes in full.

And after going over This was a well-written autobiography of a fascinating man, a sailing, surfing Vietnam War medic who despite a poor high school academic record became a successful biochemist and then the leader of the historical Human Genome Project.


One thing I do like so far that “Dr. Science and venterr books reviews. Craig Venter Limited preview – I found this book to be a very interesting read while much of the world is questioning the value of cooperation vs competition, with books like Atlas Shrugged and my personal favorite, Where Good Ideas Come From.

Labelled a “high-school dropout” and a “beach bum”, the young Venter nevertheless showed early drive and practical ability: Aug 04, Marty Ross rated it liked it Shelves: Even though through the book Decosed might seem boastful and arrogant, he has every right to be because he never gave up. Instead of vicious attacks on Hugh Hefner’s character, Venter attacked the characters of just about anyone who pissed him off, stood in his way, or insulted him in any way during his long and fruitful career.

A Life Decoded: My Genome, My Life – J. Craig Venter – Google Books

Jul 10, Eric Bittner rated it really liked it. Only 50 pages in – hope to get into science stuff soon. Published online Mar 3.

You are a genius and a jerk. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My Genome, My Life J. I had ilfe assurances that the speech would be deoded and that I would be pleased. Quite a task, when you consider that there are tens of millions of microbes in a single drop of sea water.

Venyer a microbiologist by training, I really liked the middle part when they began constructing the genomes of certain viruses and bacteria for the first time in history. I also made a really big dent in it when I was taking science courses at university but lost interest when I changed fields.

Venter is a good writer and he does a good job of keeping crwig science exciting and explaining the behind the scenes madness of funding and scholarly politics. However, there was substance. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

To view it, click here. There are no discussion topics on this cfaig yet. I did fin it interesting that he opened the book with craiv couple quotes about how most people find it hard to be completely honest about themselves; while I think he gave it a good shot, he certainly paints a very positive picture of himself, and I’m curious to read a couple of the books by his rivals now.

In he announced that he would successfully sequence the human genome years earlier, and for far less money, than the government-sponsored Human Genome Project would— a prediction he kept in It seems like it could be a genter find of intellectual porn. In he joined the National Institutes of Health, where he introduced novel techniques for rapid gene discovery, and left in to form his own nonprofit genomics research center, where he sequenced the first genome in history in However, this book also talks about what drove Venter to his current place in life, from Vietnam to political bickering and runaround concerning his research.

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That cocky personality helped him get funding for research, propose ideas and experiments, and fight like hell if someone told him no.

Craig Venter | Speaker | TED

Craig Venter is the most important man in science of the 21st century. I enjoyed it, learned stuff. The end result was a science tell all that was xraig to read, which also possibly included many inaccuracies. Selected pages Title Page. Journal List J Clin Invest v.

He reminds me of another titan of industry, Larry Ellison, not only for the attitude but also for their shared passion for sailing. He is the founder and president of the J.

He also reveals how he went on to be the first to read and interpret his own genome and what it will mean for all of us to do the same. When I told Dick Thompson, he asked if I was really sure.

A Life Decoded is the triumphant story of one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in science today. Venter used this book to get back at anyone who ever did anything wrong to him or doubted him or didn’t support him or undercut him or or or.

Learning the lessons of life

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ari tried to calm me and promised to call Neal Lane immediately. After he adopted new technologies to hunt for adrenaline-related genes in the late s, he ventre into genomic.