Posted: Thu Aug 29, pm Post subject: CPWD Cost Index ( to ) Building Cost Index for Mumbai (Bombay) over Delhi Plinth Area Rates. only; the NIT approving authority may modify and add or delete these rates as per the work/ project Development area means plot area minus plinth area at ground floor. 3. Mumty and DG/Arch/6 dated 07/08/ etc. Plinth Area Rates Cpwd. is hereby Plinth dqjlh {ks= njsa Area Rates. plinth area rates schedule cpwd Schedule rates cpwd pdf Plinth Area Rate

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The goods and service tax rates for building materials are as follows: Scale of Amenities — Architectural- Main Unit: Back to top amibrahim Joined: Thu Aug 29, For further details like general conditions for calculation of plinth areas, etc.

Plinth area rates pdf

Thu Aug 29, 3: Valuation for cost of construction for Income-tax: If invested in construction by an assessee, the assesse is expected to maintain a proper books of accounts with supporting vouchers and proper accounts for labor and materials, etc. The asessee can obtain a Valuation Report suo-moto from a Registered Valuer to substantiate his claim.


O can refer to Valuation Officer V. O of Income-tax department for V. The onus probandi is plintu with the department. The difference between declared and estimated V. Therefore, stakes are high In a situation where the A.

ratex Under some circumstances with such conditions, the V. O is empowered to assume the power of a civil judge in a civil suit petition. The valuer is bound to explain ratio decidendi The rational for a decision failing which the report can be ignored by bringing in departmental valuation report.

A hypothetical summary of expenditure: Total Cost invested in construction as per A. Assessed Fair Cost of Construction. This does not include the cost of land.

No discount is allowed for work done through a contractor. Sat Aug 31, 7: R Volume II and I. Specification as per Annexue-II. Up to six 06 Storeys, Floor ht 3. Floor ht height 2. Floor ht height 3. Specification as per Annexure- V.

R-type-V, VI and above. Last cpad by amibrahim on Fri Mar 07, 1: Fri Mar 07, For valuation for bank purpose, to assess the probable cost incurred in construction for income-tax valuation, etc. To change from Delhi base to future date in any place in India, the enclosed calculation sheet can be plintj to arrive at future cost index.


That calculation sheet has thirteen elements with Delhi local prices on and their weightage in that index.

central pwd plinth area rates (1.10.2012) – CPWD

The weightage is prefixed as well as the arae. For a future date material and labor prices for any place is obtained and cost index is arrived thus: Future date Steel rate pilnth 4, that rate multiplied by weightage Sum of all thirteen items Bricks to Labor is I of steel of Supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of Building management system etc.

Built up area up to sqm INR. Future Cost Index is Base Year and Delhi Civil Works Cost Indices to Fri Aug 30, Sat Aug 31, 8: Wed Mar 05, 5: Tue Mar 11, Wed Jun 11, Copy of Cost Indices Haryana Base Copy of Cost Indices West Bengal.

Puri Publications CPWD – New Plinth Area Rates & Cost Index Circulars

Copy of Cost Indices Maharashtra. Wed Jun 11, 9: Wed Jun 18, 7: Chennai CI Apr PortBlair CI Arae 2. Display posts from previous: