Biography: Antoine Court de Gebelin, Life, works and playing card context. COURT DE GEBELIN, ANTOINE (–), French scholar, son of Antoine Court (q.v.), was born at Nîmes in He received a good. Monde primitif: analysé et comparé avec le monde moderne by Court de Gébelin, Antoine, ; John Adams Library (Boston Public Library); Marillier.

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Gebelin mentioned Tarot as “Tarraux” already in Volume V published of Le monde primitif in a note of an included “Etymological Dictionary of the French language: It is an Egyptian game, as we shall demonstrate one day; its name is composed of two Oriental words, Tar and Rha, Rho, which means “royal road”.

Antoine Court de Gébelin – Wikipedia

If one proceeded to announce that there is still nowadays a work of the former Egyptians, one of their books that escaped the flames that devoured their superb libraries, and which contains their purest doctrines on interesting subjects, everyone who heard, undoubtedly, would hasten to study such an invaluable book, such a marvel. If one also said that this book is very widespread in most of Europe, that for a number of centuries it has been in the hands of everyone, the surprise would be certain to increase.

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Would it not reach its height, if one gave assurances that no one ever suspected cuort it was Egyptian; that those who possessed it did not value it, that nobody ever sought to decipher a sheet of it; that the fruit of an exquisite wisdom is regarded as a cluster of extravagant figures which do not mean anything by themselves? Would it not be thought that the speaker wanted to amuse himself, and played on the credulity of his listeners?

Also famous is Gebelin’s quarter hour of enlightment, which likely took place again Tyson’s translation. Invited as a guest a few years ago to meet with a lady of our acquaintance, Madam la C.

We played a game which you surely do not know That may be; which is it?. I had occasion to see it when I was extremely young, but I did not have any knowledge of it I there cast my eyes, and at once I recognize the allegory: R, as Monsieur l’abbe Gehelin, one of the earliest writers about Tarot history.


Ant. Court De Gebelin Stock Photo: – Alamy

Tarot History Search started September Antoine Court de Gebelin – Gebelin started the world of modern esoterical Tarot, when he claimed inthat the Tarot had an old Egyptian origin. He entered the circles of the freemasons and met there courtt of some prominence, Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin are mentioned.

An English translation of the texts of both was once in the web as “Tyson’s translation”, but disappeared.

The original text can be seen at Gallica by clicking on “recherche” and typing “gebelin” in the “auteur”-field. You will get four works of his, including the complete 9 volumes of “Le Monde Primitif”, in PDF format for a French html-version of the text alone see below.

Dummett, Decker and Gebeli More motifs of Gebelin in our Tarot Museum.