d’Équations Différentielles Stochastiques (EDS) ainsi que pour l’estimation de leurs paramètres. Cet aspect n’est pas abordé au cours de cette thèse. Le support de cours est le polycopié “Analyse réelle et complexe” de F. Golse, Systèmes Dynamiques, équations différentielles et Géométrie différentielle. Brioschi, F. Les invariants des équations différentielles linéaires. J.-A. Serret, Cours de calcul différentiel et intégral, Tome II (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, ).

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Circuit drawtool for drawing simple electronic circuit schematics. OEF Tenses and conditionalsexercises on present and past tenses, conditionals. Basesfind a basis of a vector subspace under various definitions.

OEF derivativepractising with differentiation. Primessearching for primes in different ways. Quizz matriceselementary questions on matrices. Quizz integrationelementary questions on integration. Quizz vector spaceselementary questions on vector spaces. OEF physical integralcollection of exercises on physical applications of definite integrals of one variable.

Calcul formel

Data General interest science topicsaudio collection used in an exercise module. OEF calculationscollection of exercices on calculation fractions, signed numbers. OEF defining intervalcollection equatioj exercises on the defining interval of a real function. OEF gcdcollection of exercises on gcd and lcm of integers. Genspacedoes a given set of vectors generate the whole vector space?.


OEF vector spacescollection cougs exercises on vector spaces.

WWW Interactive Multipurpose Server

Graphic functionsrecognize the graph of f -x from that of f xetc. OEF continuitycollection of exercises ont the continuity of functions of one real variable.

OEF factoriscollection of elementary exercises on the factorization of integers. Parafocus shootingshoot at the focus in the picture of a parabola OEF Entropycollection of exercises on entropy. OEF Matricescollection of exercises on matrices.

OEF finite fieldcollection of exercises on finite fields. OEF ohmexercises on ohm’s law and serial and parallel connections.

Decompdecompose a composed function. Correcode differentuelle, decode a message containing errors by an error correcting code. Deductio linear systemexercises of interactive deduction on linear systems. Derivative dialogask questions to get information in order to compute derivatives. Flattenparametrize a function to make it infinitesimal at a point. Vector shootclick on a linear combination of 2D vectors. Please pay attention to flush you Browser cache dfiferentielle enjoy this new version!

Arithmetic tablesarithmetic training exercise-game with highly variable levels. OEF periodic tableexercises for memorising the periodic table of elements.

Complex shootlocate ddifferentielle complex number by clicking on the complex plane. Linear imagecompute the image of eauation vector by a linear or affine map. Animated sequencesanimated plot of a sequence series of functions. Order arrangementarrange given numbers according to their order. Wcalcmulti-purpose single-step calculator usable in diffferentielle mode.

Basis choicefind a basis of a vector subspace within given vectors. Polynomial sweepgraphs and roots of a polynomial, with animated deformation. OEF vector subspacescollection of exercises on vector subspaces. Special relativity and steps towards general relativityelementary relativity exercises. Coincidence Paramfind the best approximation of a parametric curve.


Additive figuresplace numbers in geometric figures according to conditions on sums. Graphic derivativerecognize the graph of the derivative of a function. SQRT drawdraw roots of a complex number, requires java.

Graphic absrecognize the graph of f x from that of f xetc. Inverse drawdraw an inverse function, requires java or javascript. Coincidence Freehandfind the best possible approximation of a given curve.

Graphic inverserecognize the graph of an inverse function. OEF Limit calculus with logarithms or exponentialspractising with computational rules of limits and indeterminate forms. Graphic subsetsrecognize a graphically described subset.

OEF Linsys 2x2collection of exercises on elementary linear systems 2×2. Lissajous choicerecognize a Lissajous curve according to its equations, or vice versa. Wfindfind words by letter patterns. OEF arccoscollection of exercises on inverse trigonometric functions.

OEF vectors 3Dcollection of exercises on 3D vectors. Finite field calculatorcomputes elements in a finite field. OEF forallcollection of exercises on logic quantifiers.