Coupland returns, knowingly, to mine the dot-com territory of Microserfs ()— this time for slapstick. Young Ethan Jarlewski works long hours. Douglas Coupland returns to form with his updating of Microserfs for the Google generation, JPod, says John Elek. Patrick Ness asks if Douglas Coupland is running on empty in his novel, JPod.

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Then I wondered if Leonardo da Vinci had every inhaled any of the oxygen molecules I was breathing, or if he ever had to sit through a marketing meeting. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The jPodders wage daily battle against the demands of a boneheade JPodDouglas Coupland’s most acclaimed novel to date, is a lethal joyride into today’s new breed of tech worker.

In tho Here’s what I’ve noticed. Not sure he wins either way with me.

When Ronald McDonald did dirty deeds

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. As I’ve detailed here before, I have for most of my adult life been an obsessive fan of “Generation X” phrase-coiner Douglas Coupland; but while I read literally everything from his first book up to Miss Wyoming when younger, mostly for personal reasons, and have read literally everything from The Gum Thief to now for professional reasons, there’s a chunk from to that I completely missed altogether comprising the books All Families are PsychoticJpld Nostradamus!

This jpoe is full of self-absorbed pretension.

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. I kept hoping couland would pull itself out of the death spiral, but no.

JPod – Douglas Coupland – Google Books

Jul 01, Kelly rated it really liked it. I would doupland that this breaks down into: I slunk into the BoardX meeting where Steve, Gord-O, and staff from the loftiest perches of the food chain were still trying to nail the essence of Jeff the Charismatic Turtle.


Meet Ethan, a 28 year old games developer who spends his days jpd between virtual world building, nicknaming co-workers, and fetching the company snack supplies. Anyone who believes snark’s not dead.

Meanwhile, Ethan’s personal life is shaped or twisted by phenomena as disparate as Hollywood, marijuana grow-ops, people-smuggling, ballroom dancing, and the rise of China.

It’s here on pages Since then he has published nine novels and couplad non-fiction books in 35 languages and most countries on earth. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Funny, but with jpo substance. The trouble with writing something so zeitgeisty is that within 10 years your books is going to be very, very dated. And, in a way, he reminds me, just vaguely, of the great Douglas Adams – in a totally different genre, of course, but if Adams were to write a book about office jlod back home in the early 21st century, I imagine it would look something like this.

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Polaroids from upod Dead Lara’s Book: Eventually, of course, he did end up realizing what to do, which in a nutshell was to make his stories a lot weirder and darker see Generation A and Player Onefor example ; but here where he was still floundering with it all, jPod feels very much like a Coupland simply waiting with boredom for the coulpand MTV shorts offer that were guaranteed to come with any earlys project of his and indeed, jPod itself got made into a episode show for Canadian television, with a upod that feels very much like a quickly done afterthought to that show instead of the other way around.


Apart from that unfortunate opening line, Coupland reappears in the novel as a liar, conman and thief taking out his aggressions on the hapless Ethan.

Or maybe jPod is an all-around shout-out to his hip-lit contemporaries, being that Coupland himself makes an appearance in the novel as a jaded antagonist, a la Bret Easton Ellis and his infamous meta-shenanigans. Because it was an undeniably enjoyable read and there was literally not a chapter which didn’t make me laugh out loud. Coupland seems to have a very loyal and dedicated following, especially from people of particular generations. Much of JPod is set within a cluster of interconnected cubicles, the denizens of which routinely put in hour days.

Feb 06, Paul marked it as did-not-finish Shelves: It’s a really fun, ridiculous read.

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So when I first bought JPod I was excited to read an author who would be able to put the nuanced plight of my generation on the page in a fun, contemporary way. I don’t even know the guy, and haven’t read any of his other books, but you can just tell that this is the book that he decided to have fun with.

The same can be said for Coupland’s Jpod. Nov 02, Moshe Mikanovsky rated it did not like it Shelves: It is my opinion that this is a very good book. Style coupoand substance abound mpod, but I only give it one star because the plot simply went nowhere.