Counterinsurgency warfare: theory and practice / David Galula; Foreword by John A. David Galula drank as deeply of this bitter draught as did his contempo -. Counterinsurgency Warfare provides the template for the defeat of today’s Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice. Front Cover. David Galula. This volume in the Praeger Security International (PSI) series Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era defines the laws of insurgency and outlines the strategy and.

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Oct 07, Adam Elkus rated it liked it Shelves: While some parts of the book are obviously dated, the core of the theory is still applicable today, and can be witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as several nations in Africa. However, he cautions that the lessons of this book do not guarantee success and that, “As long as the revolutionary situation exists, even in a dormant form, as long as the problem that gave rise to the insurgency has not been eliminated, the danger persists” p In this case, indirect action can be taken to ensure that the judicial, police, and military institutions are strong thus discouraging insurgent action.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

One of the authentic and detailed exposition on the nature and cause of insurgency. Galula would’ve Jomini; but his work suffers from much of the same prescriptive weaknesses. Refresh and try again. Journal of Strategic Studies, Vol 33, Iss 5, p. Jun 24, Mscout rated it really liked it Shelves: In some ways, this aids a counterinsurgency because the “moral fog” surrounding the insurgents dissipates and the counterinsurgency is free to act more decisively.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice – David Galula – Google Books

I first read Colonel Galula’s book many years ago, in preparation for my assignment in Vietnam. A very interesting and only too relevant book on counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare. Galula resigned his commission in to study in the United Stateswhere he obtained a position of research associate practicce the Center for International Affairs of Harvard University.


Research associate galulaa Harvard University. Paperbackpages. Short, lucid, clear how-to manual on defeating insurgencies. To do so, it is necessary to keep a single static or holding force in place.

To ask other readers questions about Counterinsurgency Warfareplease sign up. Win over or suppress the last insurgent remnants.

Detach for the area sufficient troops to oppose an insurgent’s comeback in strength, install these troops in the hamlets, villages, and towns where the population lives. I found Colonel Galula’s book even more relevant now, than after my first read. Jan 14, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: Has the book held up well since ? Find out about the intractable conflict-related work that others in the peace and conflict field are doing. Jul 30, Howard Anders rated it really liked it.

Detach for the area sufficient troops to oppose an insurgent’s dounterinsurgency in strength, install these troops in the hamlets, villages, and towns where the population lives.

Galula warns strongly multiple times of the dangers of counterinsurgnecy soldiers do any job that should belong to civilians for any extended length of time. Drawn from the observations of a French warfae, David Galula, who witnessed guerrilla warfare on three continents, Establish contact with the population, control its movements in order to cut off its links with the guerillas. Inspired by his military experiences as a French military officer and attache in China, Greece, Southeast Asia, and Algeria, the author realized the “need for coynterinsurgency compass” in the suppression of Destroy the local insurgent political organization.

It’s amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same. Conclusion While insurgencies often fail on their own accord, “Relying on luck Drawn from the observations of a French officer, David Galula, who witnessed theor warfare on three continents, the book remains relevant today as American policymakers, military analysts, and members of the public look to the counterinsurgency era of the s for lessons to apply to the current situation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fluidity of the Insurgent Rigidity of the Counterinsurgent. The insurgent, having no responsibility, is free to use every trick; if necessary, he can lie, cheat, exaggerate.


David Galula – Wikipedia

Galula lays out the basic steps of an insurgency or revolutionary war and the steps neccessary to combat or suppress one. This is not only military leadership from the generals to the privates, but also civilians put in galulla of providing economic and social building blocks for the population under duress. In Aprilhe was captured by Chinese Communists during a solo trip theiry the interior.

Contents Revolutionary War Nature and Characteristics. Very interesting use of historical examples. Colonel Galula was stationed in Algeria at the time of the revolt by the French army.

That is, the response necessary to eliminate the insurgency is likely to be seen as excessive by the general population. One of Galula’s laws is, “In any situation, whatever the cause, there will be an active minority for the cause, a neutral majority, and an active minority against the cause”.

Those willing to actively support a counterinsurgency operation should be supported in their efforts to rally the relatively neutral majority and neutralize the hostile minority.

While the two mostly agreed on definitions and implications, they began to diverge on the question of strategy and tactics. Jul 28, Marvin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Amazingly relevant today as when it was first published. Dec 17, Jordan Balsamo rated it liked it. The military, by all evidence, seems to have been more flexible and creative than our civilian agencies, with better leadership.

Sep 04, Caitlin rated it it was amazing. The former may be likened to water the latter to the fish who inhabit it.