Profit and loss analysis and account analysis funds usage reports are among the management outputs The report generator feature also takes advantage Most corporate managers— from Retailing (12), Banking (9), Hospitals (3). Business Today: sign up for a morning shot of financial news readers to help us raise $1 million dollars by the new year to report on the most. Explore General Manager Sales job openings in Hyderabad Secunderabad Job Description: years of experience in Institutional / Project / Corporate.

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According to the report, Cambodian banking institutions managed to maintain profitability, with overall return on assets ROA at around 1. An emerging negative trend in was an increase in the rate of non-performing loans NPL that grew from 1. However, despite strong growth last year, some industry insiders predicted that the Cambodian financial sector — and the microfinance sector in particular — could see a noticeable slowdown this year due to the recently implemented 18 percent interest rate cap on all new and restructured microfinance loans that began on April 1.

Annual report – Chapter 1: Developments in the sector of authorised securitisation undertakings 2. Annual report – Chapter 9: Europe is ready to take action and restore trust. Higgins expected that growth rates in Cambodia for will be broadly in line with or slightly lower thanthough it would still be one of the best performers in the region. Under a point draft action plan adopted last night, the European Central Bank will intervene in the financial turmoil to boost liquidity; eurozone governments will underwrite bank debt until the end of next year and the same governments will commit to preventing the collapse of “systematically relevant institutions through appropriate means including recapitalisation”.


Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Developments in the banking sector in 2. Internal organisation of the CSSF 1. Cambodia’s financial sector saw healthy growth last year with increased deposits and profits amid slower credit growth, reflecting sustainable development and increased public 12bankiing in the sector, according to a recently released central bank report.

We will not update this account. Annual report – Chapter 6: Reports related to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Annual report – Appendices 1. Thu, 20 April Developments in the regulatory framework 9. The financial centre in figures 3.

Annual reports

Annual report – Chapter 5: Supervision of pension funds 1. President George Bush took the unprecedented step of addressing the meeting of the G20, which includes the G7 and a number of key developing countries such as China, India and Brazil. The IMF’s main policy committee issued a statement saying that it “recognises that the depth and systemic nature of the crisis call for exceptional vigilance, coordination and readiness to take bold action”.

Supervision of information systems 1. All eyes will be on the world’s financial markets when they open today as investors give their first response to the G7’s pledge to prop up collapsing banks. Laws passed in In Channy, president and CEO of Acleda Bank, said that the increase in NPL rates needed to be addressed by lenders, while he maintained that the situation was currently not a major concern. Daluch introduced his ride-hailing service at a time when Cambodians.


Earlier, Bush had met with G7 finance ministers over breakfast. Co-operation within European institutions 3. The three elements – liquidity support, inter-bank lending guarantees and recapitalisation of distressed banks – are the core of last week’s Brown plan and look set, with national variations to take account of differing systems, to become the European standard.

Management companies and self-managed investment companies 8. Annual report – Chapter 7: To be kept informed about our latest news, please subscribe here. Prudential supervisory practice 3.

Banking shows steady growth, Business, Phnom Penh Post

Sanctions imposed in Newly created entities approved in 3. The CSSF in figures 2.

Major events in 2. About Legal disclaimer Privacy Policy. Directives adopted by the Council and the European Parliament but not yet implemented under national law 3. repoort

UCIs investing principally in real estate assets 6. Supervision of undertakings for collective investment 1. Supervision of securitisation undertakings 1. Specialised investment funds SIFs 5. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the IMF, warned that the global financial system was “on the brink of systemic meltdown”.