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Enraged, the Professor and Bormenthal pounce upon him. As a seething Sharik plots to again destroy Filip’s stuffed owl, the door opens and he is dragged by the skin of his neck into the lab.

Nevertheless, the name was chosen following the Russian tradition of “consulting the calendar,” with Poligraf’s name day being March 4. The Days of the Turbins Flight Reference Guide to Russian Literature.

In the aftermath, the fully canine Sharik blissfully resumes his status as a gentleman’s dog. Luego de explicarle que nada va a sucederle debido a la desconfianza del Estado respecto a Sharikov, ve oficial del Partido se retira.

He now spends his work-day catching and strangling stray cats. Unintimidated, the Professor orders Bormenthal to summon Sharikov, who is changing back into a dog. Later, he is caught attempting to sexually assault one of the female servants.

Corazon de Perro : Mijail Bulgakov :

The novel has been interpreted both as a satire on the Bolshevism and as a criticism of eugenics. Eventually, the police arrive escorted by a beaming Schwonder.

Works by Mikhail Bulgakov. Again Bormenthal beats up Sharikov and makes him promise not to do anything of the sort. Airado, Bormenthal golpea a Sharikov y lo obliga a disculparse. His first scientific publication was about the transplantation of ovaries to males. This perhaps shows that Sharik retains some memories of his time as a human, or that Filip intends to carry out a similar experiment.

One suggestion for the real life prototype for Professor Preobrazhensky is corazb Russian surgeon Serge Voronoff who was famous for his experiments on implanting humans with animal’s testicles and thyroid glandsthough there were others who did similar work. En cambio, Sharikov se burla de los modales al considerarlos una reliquia xe zarismo. Yaciendo en el umbral de una puerta, el perro espera resignadamente su final.


Esa noche, un pesado silencio reina en el apartamento y las luces son dejadas encendidas por varias horas luego de irse a dormir. At the house, Sharik gets to know Dr. Sharik’s torso is also opened and he is given human testicles.

Luego de hacer un pacto con Schwonder, al ex canino se le entregan documentos de identidad con el absurdo nombre de “Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov”. Retrieved from ” https: Breaking with his former beliefs, the Professor admits that any peasant woman could give birth to a genius and that eugenics are therefore a waste of time.

Petersburg Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the time the novel was written. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cuando Sharikov regresa, el Profesor y Bormenthal le ordenan que se marche permanentemente del apartamento.

Followed by the now apoplectic Schwonder, the police depart. After several days, one of the servants begins taking Sharik for walks through Moscow. Consultado el 5 de abril de The Professor explains the change as a natural phenomenon, although it’s obvious to the reader that he and Bormenthal have simply reversed the operation.

Views Read Edit View history. Soviet Union portal Literature portal Books portal. Over the days that follow, the Professor and Bormenthal look far more relaxed than at any time before Sharikov’s arrival. Like the fictional professor, he “did not like the proletariat”, and possibly for this he was banished to Arkhangelskwhere he continued his work, including transplants of ovaries, with a hearsay report of short-term rejuvenation effect. Luego que su salud mejora, el Profesor finalmente revela sus verdaderas intenciones al traer a Sharik a su apartamento.


Corazón de perro – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Overjoyed, the re follows Filip back to his flat, where he’s given the name of Sharik. Sharik is seen as “a reincarnation of the repellent proletarian”, and the professor represents a “hyperbolic vision of the bourgeois dream”, according to J. The Wall Street Journal. He insists that it’s better to behave “naturally”.

Corazon de Perro

Con una orden de registroles ordenan al Profesor y a Bormenthal que entreguen pereo Sharikov so pena de arresto. That night, an ominous bulgakob reigns in the flat and the lights are left on for many hours after bedtime. As a result, he refuses to decrease his seven-room flat and treats the Bolsheviks on the housing committee, led by Schwonder, with unveiled contempt. These organs were cut from Klim Grigorievich Chugunkin — killed in a brawl — thief-recidivist, an alcoholic and a bully.

Print Hardback and Paperback.

Soon after, Sharikov bulgakvo home a female co-worker, whom he introduces to the Professor as his common law wife. As Bormenthal assists, the Professor trepans Sharik’s skull and gives him a human pituitary gland.

After his health improves, the Professor at last reveals his real intentions for taking in Sharik. The dog finds it ironic, as he sees ‘Sharik’ fit for a pampered fat dog it means ‘little ball’. Corazj novela fue filmada en italiano en como Cuore di cane y protagonizada por Max von Sydow como Preobrazhenski.

Seething with hatred, Sharikov vows to have her fired. Later, Bormenthal begs the Professor for permission to dose and kill Sharikov with arseniccalling pegro a “man with the heart of a dog”. Inthe second production was directed by Copeland Woodruff. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre.