FRX2XLS converts Excel XLS files from FoxPro report (frx) format. Download to use FRX2XLS convert FRX to Excel. Price: USD. You can . Junges, OpenOffice may convert DOCX to open office formats. And FRX may be an open office format, but here it’s a FoxPro report, which is. A new method to build rich VFP reports from HTML &&unicode here: convert encoded string >14 =strconv(html,14) else it uses the table fpt and the in the zip above (must download it first).

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Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community. Tricks with Multiple-Detail Bands The previous section showed how to print data from three different child tables on the same report.

When the From page top property is set to a value that falls outside the Report Designer surface, or frd value of the Height property is greater than the height of the band in which the object is located, absolute positioning is used. Invoke the new Band Context menu by right-clicking on the gray bar of any band. The mouse cursor now changes to provide a visual cue when an object can be resized see Figure 7.

The all-in-one Data Import module provides the simplest method of copying data between supported data sources and destinations. Give it a try If you have a table with 10 parent records, and you set the target alias of a detail band to the parent table, the final report prints 10 sets of 10 records, or a total of records. This process repeats for each customer in the Customer table. The report itself has a variety of different protection modes you can set.

Create the Data Environment: Transparent image support has been added to Image module. Visual FoxPro 9 has a Multiple Selection dialog box, which allows you to set the Protection and Print when properties for more than one layout object at a time.


Object is not visible in Designer prevents this object from appearing in the Report Designer in protected mode. One table is necessary to drive the report. Add a Field object for the total vehicles; set the expression to vehicles.

Reset page number to 1 for each detail set: The new object layout enhancements and data group enhancements offer more options than previously available.

When loading the Data Environment from another report, all the code and members of the original Data Environment are copied into the new report. If you use the report’s Data Environment to define the tables, set the InitialSelectedAlias property to this table.

Change the From page top property and the From left property to indicate the upper-left corner of where you want the watermark to begin. You can add a Sticky Note anywhere on the page or in the file area. Many changes have been made to the user interface to make designing reports easier and more intuitive. Band cannot be resized prevents the user from resizing the band.

Figure 4 shows the Protection tab of the Properties dialog box for a band. FRX2Any supports reports merging, interactive features such us drilldown, hyperlinks, table of contents, and bookmarks in the output documents. Tables opened outside of the Data Environment are not available in the list box. You are now finished copying the Data Environment. This prevents any confusion as to which table a field comes from. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

Visual FoxPro uses the relationships between the parent table and the child tables to navigate through the records. Use the Properties tab of the Multiple Selection dialog box to change the Protection properties and the Print When logic of the selected layout objects all at once.

Add the Customer Name and Address objects to the band. Changing the From page top property may inadvertently move the object to another band. Set the InitialSelectedAlias property to the Customer. It’s important to note that the From page top trx is relative to the top of the page in the Report Designer, which means it takes into account the height of any gray bars above the object.


In addition to renaming the control, if more than one Detail band is defined in the report, each Detail band is added to the drop-down list. The details belonging to the Data Group begin in column 1 of the row immediately after the row the Data Group is printed in, as shown frs Figure Place a graphic image in the Page Header band, and set it to Scale contents, retain shape.

The Visual FoxPro 9 Report Writer

Trim to nearest character, append ellipsis trims text to the last full character that fits in the defined area, after an ellipsis is added to the text that prints. Multiple Selection Dialog Box Visual FoxPro 9 has a Multiple Selection reporttes box, which allows you to set the Protection and Print when properties for more than one layout object at a time.

Add the total premium object, set the expression to vehicles. But a multiple detail band report doesn’t necessarily have to have multiple child tables.

The first time, it repotes the total records and dollar amount for the customer and then prints them. Just as with the Report Designer, you can control whether the new or old output engine is used.

A new method to build rich VFP reports from HTML – Visual Foxpro codes

Visual FoxPro 9 does not waste as much space as prior versions when horizontal columns and Data Groups are used. It is slower, but offers you more control. Another enhancement of the Multiple-Detail band is the ability to add Headers and Footers to each Detail band. Close this window and log in. Pie chart support has been added. Finally, you may optionally enter a description of the new class.