Looking for a Unix command / tool that would convert PCL files into PDF files. I’ve searched the forum and the web and can’t find any. Is it even possible?. Hello. Environment: IBM AIX 6,1, power server. I have used Ghostscript tool ( gs) to convert a A4 LANDSCAPE PDF File to a PCL File, gs -q. NRW to TIFF,; ORF to TIFF,; OTB to TIFF,; OTF to TIFF,; PAL to TIFF,; PALM to TIFF,; PAM to TIFF,; PBM to TIFF,; PCD to TIFF,; PCDS to TIFF,; PCL to TIFF,; PCT .

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JavaScript Object Notation file. HyperText Markup Language document.

Convert image to TIFF format

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Data Formats and File Extensions Quick Reference

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Data formats – GeneSetEnrichmentAnalysisWiki

AMX Axcess control system file format. Each row contains a name, a description, and an intensity value for each sample. Compressed harddisk data DoubleSpace. Organizational chart Instant ORGcharting!

Mca adapter description library QEMM. A CLS file for continuous labels can contain one or more labels.


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