The source PSTricks commands are stored in file. Pstake will (i) wrap them around a boilerplate, (ii) use LaTeX to generate an EPS file, and (iii) convert the. The package pst-pdf simplifies the use of graphics from PSTricks and other Post- Can be used to just convert the document with LATEX. Can someone help, at least to get started on a conversion / translation? \ usepackage{pstricks,pst-node,pstcol} %% used only for

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PStricks works only with dvips. So Tikz wins in this scenario. Tikz has a great-looking manual and is clearly very powerful. I understood he has already the images done, so it would be just one compilation, wouldn’t it? The -k option itself can work alone:. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Quoted from my comment here click: Be sure to set -k, otherwise the temporary directory you specified donvert be deleted after the script ends.

And as Tomek already said, it makes no sense to convert a pixel based image format to a vector based format because you can’t really benefit from the advantages. As a cinvert user of TikZ I have been ptsricks this debate with a professor in my physics department who loves pstricks and I think we have come to a conclusion as I have stated in other posts.

I’m interested in the answers to two questions. Post as a guest Name. I would use TikZ for something like this.


You could attach one of your files as example to your next post so we may be able to offer some specific help or find alternatives. The transparency and ‘fade’ effects seem very powerful. The math problems contain some jpeg images and mathematical diagrams.

TikZ gives you powerful abstractions, even if you are not a programmer, or you are not willing to program this time. I’ve gathered this information:.

PSTricks Converter — pstake + documentation

The extensibility and compatibility of TiKZ is appealing leading us to agree that: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. And can you offer a drawing program that can generate latex code and easy to use, and of course support latex labels?

Source code is available at https: I am developing an asp. What are the differences among the four graphic systems? It is useful to debugging.

As long as the EPS file has no error, eps2pgf should work properly. I’m not a master of drawing, so it would take too much ;stricks for me. Sign up using Facebook. I also have a java program called eps2pgf.

Perhaps explain why do you need to convert those raster images in the first place and then we can try to find a solution to your real problem. Compile the main input file with pdflatex to get a PDF output. No program that I know of is capable of recovering geometric constructions with labels from a bunch of pixels.


Here, using pdflatex -shell-escape does not make sense for creating tight standalone diagrams. Have a look at my answer to a question here: They are fairly simple geometry drawings with a few text labels. After benchmarking the application, I must use Tikz because it needs only one compilation step using pdftex.

So, pstricks might not work I am almost sure they won’t apply the solutions here: As a pstricjs, I don’t make drawings, I make figures. Does it depend on the content of. Most options of the figure is supported.

I don’t like the fact that Tikz seems to use an entirely different notation — I don’t recognize LaTeX in it which makes it seem foreign and weird.

This question appears to be off-topic. Instead, describe the problem lstricks what has been done so far to solve it. The quality of the drawings is unbeatable.

[pstricks] how to convert pstricks to eps?

For example, the file sample. Zip them in a folder and it’s good to go.

Norman Ramsey k 52 In a dire emergency you even have the full power of Tl. I’m writing a thesis and I have scanned pictures mainly greyscaled simple graphics in.

PSTricks for a hexahedron: Quoted from my comment here click:.