16 oct. Nationale de Conservation des Zones humides (SNZH) du Maroc .. Outre la Convention de Ramsar, à laquelle le Maroc a adhéré en Il est composé d’une partie marine, la lagune de Khenifiss, zone humide d’ importance internationale inscrite sur la liste de la Convention de Ramsar depuis . Texte de la convention · Que doit on faire à l’échelle nationale? Décisions zone humide classée site Ramsar, un lieu d’escale important dans leur migration.

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Morocco designates two new Ramsar Sites

Thus, this protected area is attractive during the four seasons. The first World Wetlands Day.

Among the birds are several rare species including the endangered white-headed duck Oxyura leucocephalathe vulnerable marbled teal Marmaronetta angustirostris and the near-threatened ferruginous duck Aythya nyrocablack-tailed godwit Limosa limosa and Eurasian curlew Numenius concention.

Wetlands and tourism WWD It is distinguished by its biological and ecological values, its forest wealth and the exceptional beauty of its landscapes.

It consists of a marine part, Khenifiss Lagoon, a wetland of international importance on the list of the Ramsar Convention sinceand a terrestrial part consisting of highlands and sebkhas with characteristic vegetation the Saharan zone.


Wetlands and water management WWD Wetlands for our Future: Site of Biological and Ecological Interest. No wetlands – no water!

Wetlands and water management WWD There’s wealth in wetland diversity – don’t lose convsntion This project, linking all levels of government with local people, supported by funding from the private sector, has a great chance of success, and is a model of how these activities should occur in future in many other locations.

That lagoon has progressively been emptied and has filled with drifting sands, so now it is a mass of many small inter-dunal lakes or lagoons, surrounded by dunes which are variously wooded. People and wetlands – The vital link WWD In the Foundation Total and Total Maroc gave the French Conservatoire du Littoral the task to develop a vision for improving the situation and to rehabilitate the lagoon system.

Wetlands and tourism WWD Similarly, snow and winter sports equipment Michlifen raksar additional assets attracting many tourists in winter.

The park site is a real water tower. Halophytic plants at the dry edge of a lagoon – when wet these plants would be in or even submerged by water. Morocco Go to the Ramsar documents. New Moroccan sites from the mountains to the sea.


Ifrane National Park | Clearing House Mechanism on Biodiversity of Morocco

Login to add a comment. Wetlands, biodiversity and climate change WWD Contacts News Events Press Jobs. The lagoon is also a stopover site for many migratory birds of the Western Palearctic. Wetlands for our Future: In its northern part are more than permanent water pockets.

Wetlands, biodiversity and climate change WWD Embouchure de l’oued Dr’a Embouchure de l’oued Dr’a. At the park’s cultural heritage blends with the natural heritage, which gives the site great ecotourism potential. People and wetlands – The vital link WWD Copyright Feedback Accessibility statement Subscribe to notifications Sitemap.

Private / public partnership at Ramsar site in Morocco

River basins donvention their management WWD The sebkha salt flat is in an area of limited and irregular rainfall over ten kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. Ramsar Sites Management Toolkit. Wetland world – A world to discover!