Leituras de BD/ Reading Comics: Um Contrato com Deus. will eisner art | Le Neuvième Art, Le Spirit fait une pause Will Eisner ex. More information. Um contrato com Deus – WILL EISNER. 3 likes. Book. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The other stories tend to be on that line of rape and sexual power that make you feel a bit icky. Oferece-lhe comida, promessas e o seu corpo, que o homem esfomeado aceita de bom grado. I get that, and I have great respect for his evocative realism.

Wizard magazine named Eisner “the most influential comic artist of all time. The book presents a selection of four stories, which are interconnected and based on a fictional tenement situated in 55 Dropsie Avenuethe Bronx, New York and narrates the personal and intimate memories that the author have about a bunch of characters from wisner past.

Quando il protagonista Frimme Hersh, un ebreo devoto, patisce un lutto devastante, deve trovare una risposta alla domanda: Since these memories about the people and his views about the surroundings are from way past, they have a certain amount of dullness in his mind, which he recaptures in the illustrations through caricature like figures and a monochrome tone which mimic the world of dreams perfectly on the paper.

There’s an overarching gloom in all the stories where trust, fidelity, faith, justice, morality, violence, pretense – all vie contrzto attention in each frame.

A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories

The Eisners are presented annually before a packed ballroom at San Diego Comic-Con, America’s largest comics convention. Since I’m not Jewish, I didn’t have a ton conteato context behind my reading. Outras poderiam ser verdadeiras. View all 19 comments.


There is also sucide and animal death. Un libro a fumetti che per la prima volta si rivolge agli adulti e non ai ragazzi Un libro cardine, per gli amanti del genere, che segna il passaggio tra il fumetto e l’arte sequenziale.

It is a book that looks at disillusionment, frustration, loneliness, sex and violence in a mixed culture sharing a community of poverty. I’m not quite sure what I just read. Look at the full portrait of the superintendent – frightening and real and sad in the extreme. Since I love graphic contdato, I have to give Eisner props, as this is generally considered the very first.

Si sapeva tutto di tutti. The overall effect is one of teeming, sick, humanity, probably as a result of not earning enough einser escape tenement life, and having to live on top of each other in railroad apartments, with very few amenities such as adequate heat, no air conditioning, no laundry room, etc. A Contract with God is a great book, and every comics reader should read it at some point.

A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories by Will Eisner

When I read really old comics, I’m usually unenthused. Un libro con interessanti riflessioni sulla fede le persone passano la vita a pensare che se rispetteranno le regole, ossia il cosiddetto accordo con Dio, saranno ricompensate. So back to the book now. The book just didn’t jive at all with the image I’d been handed about its game-changing-ness.

I didn’t like it, hardly at all. Paperbackpages.


The art was free flowing, the use of panels slim to none. Real life is messy, and cruel, and mean, and ugly. View all 6 comments. Eisner himself admits in his multiple introductions to this volume that “A Contract With God” was in some ways an experiment which led him to develop the skills he’d use in a far more serious way on “Dropsie Avenue.

Some people find faith in times of hardship. Una miniera di storie con cui illustrare la vita del caseggiato, gli “appartamenti ferrovia”, con stanze accodate l’una all’altra come i vagoni di un treno, in cui vivevano operai o impiegati sottopagati e con famiglie assillate dai problemi. While comics like Maus take a view of the Holocaust and bring it home in the graphic form, A Contract With God did wonders with the dirty 30s tenement lifestyle.

I had not heard of Will Eisner before and it was only in the Preface of this book did I realize that this book is considered albeit controversially one of the precursors of the modern graphic novel if there I picked this book on my first visit to a public library, when I almost robbed their entire graphic novels section.

Other books in the series.

The way in which he utilized the space and format that he used in this comic book medium to meet this realism is expressed by sisner following words: