Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than superstition. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fritz Leiber is considered one of science fiction’s legends. Author of a prodigious number of stories and novels, many of. Conjure Wife [Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Professor Norman Saylor considered magic nothing more than.

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Conjure Wife: Fritz Leiber, Victor Bevine: : Books

That being said, Leiber never intended to break any molds or make any new ones with Conjure Wife. He had a superior attitude towards his firtz, while simultaneously being in awe of her at the same time. I mean it in the sense of “the mysterious other”, that which fascinates and draws and consumes so much but which can never quite be fully apprehended or understood. Norman is married to Tansy. It’s his scientific world that produced the atom bomb, an irrational, suicidal invention if there ever was one.

Conjure Wife is a supernatural horror novel by American writer Fritz Leiber. As this subtly terrifying story progresses, Conjure Wife does an excellent job at contrasting the different personalities of the characters.

Views Read Edit View history. All women are witches. Since this book was published in the 50’s, I guess that type of thing is par for the course. For example, see the above quote from page 22 conjuee addition to the below. A witch developing her powers and her husband not liking it one bit.

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It is pathetic to watch him, even though he believes in the reality of the magic, attempt to sell himself wofe the idea that everything that is going on is explainable by scientific, psychological, or medical causes. The Atrocity Exhibition Ballard, J. Although, I’ll admit, it did get a tad annoying to have him go back and forth, back and forth. Leiber drew on his own odd assortment of influences—H. For all the men did have a wifr to view their spouses through a skewed lens, not realizing just how much power the women truly had in their lives and over them.


Norman Saylor is an ethnology professor in a Hempnell – a rather small college campus in the early ‘s. Why hasn’t anyone ever told me to read this dude? Wikiquote has quotations related to: Leibfr Leiber’s signature wordsmithing is only in its nascent stages, he still exercises his ability to immediately draw the reader into his narrative and retain interest throughout.

It is a Stepford Wives in reverse where the dutiful wives secretly promote their husbands’ career If you were to find the source of what frtiz now called urban fantasy this tense novel would be it. How did Tansy fare so well as a professor’s wife? Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

I don’t have time to write even a half-decent review, but I end up giving four stars and not five. Terrifically different, especially for the time in which it was originally published.

Regardless of which genre it’s placed in, Conjure Wife is an excellent novel that definitely deserved a re-release. His wife, Tansy, is young, vivacious, and bit of a cipher for the other professor’s wives in his social circle. Saylor learns to respect his wife’s power and even to master enough of it to save her life. Super book, and really, anyone who loves older supernatural novels should read this — it’s still quite relevant, masterfully written, and just downright scary.

These are stories of healthy, red-blooded American males under assault by irrational, homicidal females. T he Hobbit by J. Finally, with his wife’s help who actually would have been MUCH better off without his meddling in the first place he is able to right what was wrong and get everything back the way it was before he intervened.

In fact, over the course of Norman’s journey, he has come to believe in a sort of rational supernaturalism, a true mixture of these two seemingly separate concepts and is thus a more realistic and sympathetic character. Norman, a coonjure professor at a small, second tier university, is quite full of himself. Tansy burns her charms; and Norman’s luck immediately goes sour. I read this book initially as a young child, and was terribly impressed.


Naturally, it has been speculative fiction at the helm. Conjure Wifeby Fritz Leiber, is easily the most frightening and necessarily the most thoroughly convincing of all modern horror stories For a while you understand it, but when it goes on for as long as it does, it got a bit tedious.

They’re the intuitionalists, the traditionalists, the irrationalists. A literate writer, indeed. He is the young, hotshot professor of sociology and anthropology at stuffy Hempnell College, the sort of institution somewhere in the northeastern United States where students attend daily chapel and most of the wlfe wives practice witchcraft. He is unconventional fditz disliked by the college’s conservative intelligentsia, but has still somehow managed to climb to the top: While in key ways a creature of its time in 4 stars – Metaphorosis Reviews Ethnology professor Norman Saylor discovers that his wife has been putting his study of folk-magic to practical use.

Leiber really, really loves cats, so you know when something awful conjur to the cat, it’s supposed to really make us feel that things have become extremely dire. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I think in this, Leiber is making a point. Our Lady of Fitz, in contrast, is set in a vividly drawn s San Francisco permeated with hints of sex, drugs, mysticism, and books. But a phone call jerks him from his reflection.