Les routeurs Cisco et IOS. Configuration de la route par défaut. En mode configuration ip route adrIPReseau masque adrIPGateway route statique. Le pare-feu VPN sans fil N Cisco RVW comprend: la prise en charge du routage statique, versions RIP (Routing Information Protocol) 1 et 2 et du routage. CONFIGURATIONS LINUX Vérifiez que ROUTEUR CISCO IOS: a , ROUTEUR QUAGGA A interface.

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Both —Install the route in the unicast and multicast route tables available for IPv4 routes only. Choose this option if you want either unicast or multicast traffic to use the route.

Exercice de routage statique IPv4 et IPv6 en Cisco IOS

R1 config ip route None —Select if there is no next hop for the route. In 2 nd bar, type the IP subnet mask for this destination.

The route with the lowest administrative distance value is the preferred route that statkque router selects.

In this tutorial we will connect two routers via static route with GNS3. With dynamic routes, routers can communicate with each other to exchange routing information. In fact, R0 can successfully ping R1 right after adding the static route to R0 Administrative distance of a static route. Static routes can also be added by specifying the exit interface rather than the “next hop” IP address of the router. Views Read Edit View history.

Static Route Overview Static Route Overview If you decide that you want statisue Layer 3 traffic to take a certain route without participating in IP routing protocols, you Notice that static route works one-way.


Static routes have an administrative distance of 1 so in the outputs above you will see the administrative distance of both static routes are 1.

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Choose this option if you want the route used only sattique unicast traffic. And RIP has an administrative distance of The simple syntax of static route: TP-Link takes your privacy seriously.

In most Linux distributions, a static route can be added using the iproute2 command. Discard —Select to drop packets that are addressed to this destination.

Dynamic routes, on the other hand, use a routing protocol to determine the best path and the routes can be changed depending on specific parameters like bandwidth, delay, cost…. Thank you We appreciate your feedback.

Enterprise-level Cisco routers are configurable using the Cisco IOS command line, rather than a web management interface. Static routing, if used without dynamic routing, has the following advantages: Input destination network, subnet mask, default gateway, select status and save it. It means we have to add static route to both R0 and R1 so that R0 and R1 can communicate. So there are 2 networks that are directly connected to R0: Step 4 Click Add New….

If you configure a static route pointing to an exiting interface for example: Premium Membership Become a member to interact with all questions and practice labs!

Configure a Static Route

To route IP traffic destined for the network Subscription TP-Link takes your privacy seriously. As the administrator of the network, you are tasked to connect them so that employees in the two LANs can communicate with each other. IP subnet mask for this net segment is Now try to ping each far end network Note: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


OSPF has an administrative distance of This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Now we consider a real-world example of static routing. Your browser does not support JavaScript. Administrative distance is the value from 0 to Unicast —Install the route in the unicast route table. The following is typed at a terminal: Is this faq useful?

Multicast —Install the route in the multicast route table available for IPv4 routes only. Enable path monitoring for A static route is a pre-determined path that network information must follow to reach a specific host or network. The administrative distance can be manually re configured so that the static routags can be configured as a backup route, to be used only if the dynamic route is unavailable.

Click here to contact TP-Link technical support. According to scenario 1 and scenario 2: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.