Confesiones de una máscara [Yukio Mishima] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 19 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa blanda. Find Confesiones De Una Mascara by Mishima, Yukio at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. Confessions of a Mask is Japanese author Yukio Mishima’s second novel. First published in , it launched him to national fame though he was only in his.

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Part-autobiographical, part-allegoric, Mishima rips open his heart to bare his innermost battles and jumps in its midst as the lone wager from both sides. There’s another image he obsesses over, St. This journey turns daunting because during it, he encounters, not just his homosexuality, but his homosexuality hanging as an ugly prop over the backdrop of a war-ravaged land in WWII. Even in Japan, where coming out to one’s family is still as hard as it ever was, there are gays and lesbians on television and the matter is open to discussion.

I’m a normal goodreader from now on. View all 6 comments. Death, to Mishima, is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Our narrator studies in one such boys’ school. These are some of my favorite passages from the book. A fountain of blood struck me full in the face.

Sebastian hide dark urges of violence and despair. In the end, however, there was nothing for it but to surrender on my side to the insubordinate toy, with its expression of sweet secrecy, and wait passively to see what would happen. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Kochan was an “unchildlike child”. Finders keepers losers weepers! I have a serious staring problem to maintain, you know.

He is able to pinpoint details, ,ascara, subconscious symbols with the accuracy of a professional psycho-analyst. What did Oscar Wilde say about giving a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth?


Confesiones de una máscara

The snow seemed like a dirty bandage hiding the open wounds of the city, hiding those irregular gashes of haphazard streets and tortuous alleys, courtyards and occasional plots of bare ground, that form the only beauty to be found in the panorama of our cities. Yet such a text would also be extraordinarily and unbearably dull. The narrator tells the story of his life from his older point of view, and dissects every thought and every memory in exacting detail.

Two might be my limit, after all.

If you feel excited by possibilities of a crush? He believed they could join only at the moment of death. As he grows up, he tries to fall in love with a girl named Sonoko, but is continuously tormented by his latent homosexual urges, and is unable to ever truly love her.

Confesiones De Una Máscara Mishima Yukio

Right from his childhood, Kochan had an affinity to grief with miwhima being the ultimate seducer of his sensualities. Of a mask hiding from a mask that he wasn’t really seeing? View all 23 comfesiones. He becomes “disgusted with my true self” and “feeling the urge to begin living”. Of this, a good enough example as any may be found in the following passage, which I will be so bold as to quote in full, and which is as exquisite as any prose-poem I’ve ever read: But directions for its use were nowhere written, and so, when the toy took the initiative in wanting to play with me, my bewilderment was inevitable.

I probably do handshakes this way. Some are most comfortable to wear, fitting smoothly on that most expressive part of our bodies, the human face. The segregation of sexes that is made in schools and colleges and jails is probably made with aim of keepi Mishima’s attempt at portrayal of homosexuality gives only mix tesults.


Moreover, the writing and the way book flowed just didn’t work out. Like many gay kids, especially in the pre-internet era, Kochan believes that he is unique. Even at that young age, Kochan approached a single picture of a heroic-looking European knight on horseback almost as pornography, gazing at it longingly and hiding it away, embarrassed, when others come to see what he is doing.

Knowing what confesioones in the hearts of fire? Holding the knife in my right hand, I began carving the flesh of the breast, gently, thinly at first…”. I know, he gets to where he won’t hang a girl right along with him for the cause of being normal.

As it drew near the beach something awakened and rose up within its green hood. Forbidden Colours is next on the list. The salient features of the ongoing Japanese war further enhance the foundation of death.

Confesiones de una máscara by Yukio Mishima

Until then I had mistakenly thought I was only poetically attracted to such things, thus confusing the nature of my sensual desires with a system of esthetics. I used to confesiiones sometimes that I’d like to move to a country where I didn’t know the language so I wouldn’t know if people were being rude to me mishhima not.

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I cannot bear the thought that a man of noble heart and lofty mind sets out with the ideal of the Madonna and ends with the confesionea of Sodom.